Saturday, March 30, 2013

I love the way you bump

Hello my little 36 week bump!

Hooray!  We've made it!  And in celebration of arriving to this hallmark occasion we took our last bed rest day to write down a few words to express how we feel.....

"My Baby Bump"  by Mamma o' 4. 

My baby bump brings all the boys to the yard...
And they're like, it's bigger than yours
Dats right, it's bigger than yours
I could teach you, but I'm just too large. 

"When my baby's got bump" by Daddy o' 4.

Girl, you need a road sign.....

Cuz that's a dangerous bump ahead!

"Oh no brothers, look at her bump!  It's so big!" by Sister o' 3 
(with a little help from Mommy-Mix-a-Lot) 

We like baby bumps and we cannot lie, 
Even my other brothers can't deny
When mommy wobbles around at super snail pace
 with that round thing in your face 
we just run!  Pull all the crazy stuff
cuz no matter what we call her bluff
when she gets firm. My brothers got to squirm!  

Deep in the baby she's makin'
She's tired and she can't stop achin'
Oh baby, baby we just want you to come out!
And then we'll all scream and shout! 
(while you try to sleep) 

My preschool friends tired to tell us
that bump you've got makes me so jealous!
Oooh, Bump-o'-smooth-skin,
could you still do this baby thing all over agin? 

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  1. Congratulations on making it safely to 36 weeks! =)