Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Faux bed rest

I left for the doctor's office yesterday afternoon almost skipping and jumping expecting her to say, woohoo! 34 weeks!  Great job trapping your little super hero for so long in that belly of yours.  Now the time has come to get out of bed, resume your life and prepare for his landing in a couple weeks.

But what she really said was....

"Wow, you are even more dilated than last time (4-5cm), he is fully effaced and I think you better stay put until 36 weeks to make sure he stays safely in that womb for as long as possible."

Upon hearing such news I just couldn't seem to muster a mature, dedicated parent-like response, so instead I thought I'd trying looking as cute as Sebastian when told he can't have something he really wants to see if it'd improve the outcome any.

Turns out it doesn't have the same affect coming from full grown women.  It didn't even make me feel any differently about my fate... so much for that approach Bash!  We've been telling you pouting doesn't get you anywhere in life.

So back home I didn't skip.

I walked through the door as dejected as a wet hen.  I gracefully plopped my enormous bellied self back down on the couch next to the sample paint square that so fittingly reminds me of all the things we hoped we'd be able to do before the baby arrives....   and said...

F - I - N - E!

Two more weeks.  It's not forever.  We can do it.   

And then realized, who am I kidding?

Refer to line one where I mentioned almost skipping to the doctor's office in anticipation that she'd give me the green light to skip anyway.  I'm not actually going to stay on bed rest any more.  My mind was set on 34 weeks.   I made my goal.  You can't just change goals at the very last second.  It's like setting fake goals to get you to other goals.  I'm too smart to be tricked so easily.

Fortunately for all parties at risk to my selfish bed rest refusal, my body isn't exactly what it used to be back in January, so we will likely continue seeing some very bed resty behaviors over the next week at least.

I will take it easy.  (I really will, I'm tired, I'm 85 months pregnant, I won't be hitting any gyms.)

I will lay as much as "possible."

I will sit when I can.

I won't roam around Target as my doctor specifically mentioned not trying to do.  (Unless it's in a motorized scooter, and then I might because we really need burp clothes and crib sheets before the baby comes).

I'll consider this modified bed rest.  Like I did have to do when I was pregnant with Jonah.  That was doable.  And for two weeks, totally doable.

So with that justification I'm going to sign off for now and hope to enjoy the last few days of my faux bed rest. 


  1. I can see the frustrated "fine" on your lips in that pose. I can't imagine how incredibly stir-crazy you must feel. Was Kevin as dejected as you were? He was probably hoping for some freedom too, lol!

    1. You hit the nail on the head! Kevin was pretty bummed too, however, being much wiser than I am he expected as much. So his goal was appropriately set for 36 weeks from the start :)