Monday, March 18, 2013

Plunging into parenthood

When I signed up for this parenting game I was fully aware of the diaper changing, bed wetting, vomit cleaning duties that would be required of me.  I was even ok with the realization that I'd likely get pooped on, vomited on or snotted on pretty much daily.

Most would say this is pretty prepared for the messy side of parenting, right?  


No one bothered to add toilet plunging to my list.  Daily toilet plunging.   This is far worse than any other of the aforementioned bodily function mishaps.  Those are fresh.  Clogged toilets linger... they go undetected for long periods of time until I happen to use the same restroom as the three potential cloggers and realize the problem. Which doesn't happen too often during the day since I'm smart enough to avoid using the same toilet as a three year old boy does.  This means by the time the duty calls it's by aroma alone.  

If I'm really lucky the cloggers have attempted to fix the problem themselves, which means I get to clean a flooded floor and a toilet all at once!  I say lucky, because at least in this situation the clog is somewhat fresh?? 

No, sorry, I take it back, that can't even be a silver lining.  The only possible silver lining would be this happening when daddy is home, which naturally it never does. 

I dispise plunging toilets.  

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