Friday, March 15, 2013

Pitching our tent in style

Backyard style!  

That's right, with sunsets like these in your own backyard, who really needs to pack up and haul it out to the real wilderness to enjoy the fun of camping?

Well, Daddy definitely would, but with 3 little kids and a wife who is 80 months pregnant, he knows better than to dare suggest traveling more than 30 feet from our back door for our spring camping trip this year.... 

I don't know how to break this to you kids, but do you see that spot over there by your bikes and scooters?  

That's gonna have to be our camp grounds for this year's spring camping trip...

Noooooo silly, you're just kidding me mommy!   
Bash is just plan confused. 

What is this thing? 

A tent?    For nigh night?   Outside? 

(Sebastian has been camping several times, but things just take on a whole new meaning when you have your own words to discuss these types of things).  

Hooray!!!  Nigh night outside!!  Yay! 

Sorry buddy, not you....

You're kidding me again right? 

Don't worry, we're not totally cruel.

We let him carry the wood for the fire! 

And put it neatly in a pile, which sounds like child labor infraction, but he was pretty happy about his contribution.

And didn't even notice that the big kids got to help put up the tent. 

(I was uh helping too... by being on photography duty... from my lawn chair.... I am on bed rest after all!)

Now it wouldn't be camping without Daddy getting to use his "camping tools"

So we all indulged him with oooohs and awes as he "split" the wood scraps we gathered from the free scrap wood pile at Lowe's... I mean, from the woods.

Sienna was just as excited for bed time as Daddy was to be chopping scrap wood. 

Hold on now, this wouldn't be real camping without a fire and roasted marshmallows...

Sienna was a little concerned about eating the "marshmallow juice" that kept getting all over her fingers from inside her roasted marshmallow

But not Jonah, he won for most resourceful gooey marshmallow eating.  Watch out Bear Grylls!

Although, Sienna didn't do too bad with this marshmallow eating survival situation...  she found a tame beast to help lick her sticky fingers clean.

After a few rounds of camp fire jokes the kids were all ready to snuggle up in their cozy air mattress. (Of course an air mattress, what do you expect, we're 30 feet from our house)

I stayed for a quick bed time story, which was about my limit...

Before I really needed to go upstairs and check on Bash again....

which was my code for time to thoroughly enjoy a huge bed to my 80 month pregnant self and control of the Netflix! 

Alright, you caught me... this solitude was great for the first 20 minutes, until I finished this post, remembered I already found the bottom of the internet this morning, realized there still isn't anything good on Netflix and couldn't stop thinking about how cute my little backyard trio is.... 

I do just a teensy bit wish I could join them, but then again I am at least 90 months pregnant by the end of this post, so maybe I'll just see them in the morning! 

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  1. I can see the frustrated "fine" on your lips in that pose. I can't imagine how incredibly stir-crazy you must feel. Was Kevin as dejected as you were? He was probably hoping for some freedom too, lol!