Monday, March 11, 2013

I should've been a cowboy

Last week was rodeo week at Sienna's preschool.  One of her teachers sent me this adorable picture of her with Fr. Greg roping a "cow."

It's sad enough that I had to miss out on seeing her, but the really sad part is for this poor little thing whose mom was the ONLY parent (so out of touch with the school happenings) who still made her wear her uniform to school....  

I was also thisclose to forgetting that she didn't have school today.... after my no-uniform day oversight for the rodeo show down I'll just let you use your imagination to dream up how frustrated and ridiculous we would've felt after the hassle of waking up on time, getting everyone dressed, packing lunch and hauling all of our bedresty- and toddlery- selves out the door to join the staff on their no-student in service day.   

But that's a digression...  back to the bigger issue.... 

How did I miss the cowboy dress up day for school?  

I haven't told ya'll this yet, but I really, really, really LOVE cowboys!  I'm a total self proclaimed occasional cowboy/girl poser.  I may or may not have been over heard encouraging my sons to say they want to be cowboys when they grow up just because it sounds adorable.... I may also have been seen pretending I married a rodeo star by making him wear totally not real and mostly ridiculous mainstream trendy "cowboy" boots on one or two of our dates where we very awkwardly show up to cowboy hang out spots like rodeos or hardcore western bars that we have no business being at just because it's sorta fun to pretend we get the wrangler wearing, cowboy hat donning, two-stepping and boot stomping scene.

I grew up in Prescott, AZ, what can I say... I just don't think I'll ever stop loving cowboys and occasionally pretending I can throw on some trendy "western" outfit and call myself part of the round up.   

For the record, growing up in Prescott did teach me that most real cowboys have terrible habits, so I'll stick to our occasional wardrobe joining and music sing along level of participation.

Anyone else love that Red Dirt Road?   Or perhaps you also have Friends in Low Places?  Sorry, I guess I'm just an Indian Outlaw...  

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