Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Straight talk with Sienna Vol 2

Just a few Sienna sparklers from the last couple weeks: 

1)  While helping me get Sam ready for bed:

"Does Sam only wear dresses to bed so no one sees him in them?" - Sienna

2)  Running in from playing outside: 

"Mom! Look how red my face is, it's freezing hot today!" -Sienna

3)  As the mechanic at Jiffy Lube checks our VIN number:

"Mom!  That man must be really old!  Look at his hair!!" -Sienna

4)  After setting up her new quite time clock in her room we hear a sad sigh:

"Oh no Mom. My special new clock is already broken. The numbers keep changing every time I look at it.  I promise I didn't do anything.... it just keeps happening.... again and again...."

5)  As soon as I walked through the door from an entire weekend away from home:

"Oh Mommy I missed you so much I cried all day like the princesses in the movies."

  (From the sad princess's 4th princess tea birthday party) 

I know I'll long for these days when she's grown up and too busy to miss me! 

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