Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bebe and bebe Bashy

In the past year I feel like I've arrived to a new level of parenting.  I'm not talking about 4 kids under the age of 5, which is more than just a level, that's like relocating to a different planet of parenting.

On planet most strangers seem to call "You've Got Your Hands Full" we no longer fold our laundry, we don't clean up messes unless they have the potential to attract insects or leave stains (and even then...), and we certainly don't get dressed unless we're leaving the house (which we only do when absolutely necessary). 

The new level I'm referring to is actually a vacation of sorts from planet Hands Full when your "big" kids are old enough to stay places without you like camp or school.  This is a magical moment in parenting.  It's a moment where things feel almost easy again.

How can two kids 2 and under be easy? 

(This picture was taken almost 3 years ago to the day!) 

Well, when I first had this combination I didn't think it was, but perspective is a wonderful thing.  The big kids are off at VBS this week and it's just been me and my two babies hanging out again.  They had a summer camp two weeks ago, which was every bit as fun as this week has been for me and the babes.   

Bash also really loves this little babies only set up we have going.  He gets all the fun of playing with his siblings, but in limited exposure mostly after their overly energetic bodies have mellowed out just a tad from camp exhaustion and they've been away long enough to miss their baby brother and want to share nicely with him.    

I was worried Bash would be bored with just me, but I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess that having popsicles at 10:00 am just because and having mostly undivided attention from Mommy isn't exactly a rough gig.  

I have noticed he does cleverly try to immediately get my attention back whenever I have to take care of Sam.  Some successful approaches have involved running off to suck on "bebe's paci", climbing on the baby's changing station to remove his own diaper and spread Destin all over himself or even sneaking off with my boppy to drink his sippy cup...

He's starting to catch on that I don't mind this boppy trick... I think handing him books and bribes to stay put might have given me away.

After a few rounds of "Get joo" with Lelo he starts asking to go pick up Ena and Onah.

Most days it's been perfect timing, but don't worry for the few times his request comes a bit premature I just slip him another popsicle and he's as happy as a the faux first born he'd love to be!  (but only from 9-12, and then we all know it's time to "get Ena. get Onah. i need choos on.") 

In case I haven't said it 10 times yet today, I'm so thankful to be able to stay at home and watch these little birds grow. By the time I know it just the babies won't be babies at all.

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