Friday, June 21, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday vol 15


"Mom, I just catched 3 coughs while I was playing trains!" -Jonah
"You can't catch 3 coughs, Jonah!  You only have one and it makes you cough 3 times." -Sienna 
"No Ena, I'm a boy, we have more!" -Jonah 

You know, Jonah, you're only 3, but I'm pretty sure you just revealed a theory behind gender differences in illness coping....  I might be biased but Jonah could be the wisest version of a male I've ever seen! 


My throat started a teensy tingle on Saturday night, but it wasn't until Father's Day morning that it was clear we're all going to have a fun week ahead.  

Insert synchronized crying children x4. 


Given such aforementioned signs, I'm not sure what it says about me that I still continued on this particular day with my plan to try a cute Pinterest idea for a Father's Day picture pose. 

 I'm pretty sure we nailed it.  Thanks low grade fevers! 


You see all those perfect family pictures out there and I'm going to be the first to call their bluff.  It's photoshop. Say it's photoshop!!   

Except any of one these, I have no doubt those are very real and it's wonderful. 


Maybe it's only when I try too hard to make it happen that we end up this:

Which, might I just say was very easy to nail in the second version:


But every once in a while when no one is paying attention I can sneak in at just the right moment...

To capture what being a father... 

what being the biggest brother....

 and what having siblings to wrestle with is really like. 


That's all for this week my bloggy friends.  I'm off to gaze back into these sweet eyes and try with all my will power not to smooch and smooch his squishiness until I'm done being sick. 

Hopefully Jen has had a much healthier week!  Go see her 7QTs. 

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  1. #7 Hope you are better soon. I don't know how long I would be able to hold off.