Sunday, June 30, 2013

Yes instead of no

Sooo I missed the party on Friday.... 

Not a real party I suppose, but I'll get my kicks where I can and if 7 Quick Takes Friday is a party to me, then its my party and I will cry if I want to (over missing it, which really is a darn good enough reason if you ask me). 

I'm sure every single person who reads this blog noticed.  All 3 of you.  Thanks for the concerned emails and texts regarding my whereabouts and sanity that you didn't send.  

Turns out last week not biting off more than I can chew wasn't really a consideration for me.  A logical oversight given that I very recently gave birth, have an eagarly nursing newborn, 3 other very small, very needy children, a big house and husband all to take care of.  Oh wait, nope, that isn't really logical is it?  Shoot, I knew the math wasn't working.  

So this is the story of how I said yes instead of no.

For the first time since working I was gifted with a happily needed few weeks maternity break from my mini j-o-b  mandated by my seasoned mother of 4 boss. The nature of teaching Natural Family Planning in this volume online is we don't really have any time off.  I work a few hours during naps and/or after bedtime 5-6 days a week.  Now for some unexplainable lapse in judgement, I insisted I didn't want to take a break when Sam was born.  Fortunatelly, my boss insisted I was crazy, forced me to let someone else take my clients for a few weeks, and.... shocker warning... turns out she was soooo right and I was soooo wrong.

As per usual when someone does anything nice for me my guilt meter registers equally high as my enjoyment and thankfulness.  Terrible, terrible habit, but I was born this way.  It's how I roll. I'm pretty sure I left my mother's womb asking if there was anything I could do to make up for the labor pain I caused.   Turns out there was, I had colic, which meant by comparison my mom would've given birth 10 times over for a field day! 

Ok, back on track here.... I was so thankful for the break that when my colleague who filled in for me requested a few weeks off for her first time ever I totally forgot all about the fact that I very recently gave birth, have an eagarly nursing newborn, 3 other very small, very needy children, a big house and husband all to take care of. Oh and my own regular client base that I can barely handle too. And immediately emailed first saying I'd love to!

Yes instead of no.

Rookie mistake.

I promise it will happen again and again and again. Just ask me to help you and you'll see what I mean.

So this past week was my first of 2 weeks taking over her clients. Now this came as a huge surprise to me, so sit down while you read this...

double the case load is.... double the work... which requires...triple the time. 

You must think I am just terrible at math, and I'm starting to agree with you.  It must just be the word problems. But let me explain how no amount of logic or math could've solved this riddle. 

You see, I thought somehow getting the Mister on board for all this to give me time in the evenings to work instead of waiting until the kids went to bed would be all I needed to totally sail on through.  Now clearly, I'm not doing so hot with these word problems, but it seemed to me that should've done the trick right?   Here's the loop hole that no amount of logic or math can explain...  by their very nature, children demand you most the second you need to do anything but wait on their every desire.

Boom!  I solved all life's mysteries.

Why can't I get my laundry folded?  
Why can't I keep my floors clean?
Why can't I arrive anywhere on time?
Why can't I answer my phone?
Why can't I find anything I need when I need it?
Why can't I write 7 very quick takes on my blog every Friday?

-Children's Law of Nature numero 1-
Demand the most from your mother when she most desparately needs to focus her attention elsewhere for any amount of time that you are awake and in the same 10 mile radius. 

That's why! 

And now I must forbid you to ever tell my husband a soul (just to be on the safe side) that I have been writing this for half of the time I said I was in my room "working." Thanks friends, I knew you had my back!  This will be our little secret!   Ok, back to actually working so I get to sleep tonight sometime before the second feeding.

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