Friday, June 14, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday vol 14


Lady babies beware... this stud will steal your heart with his all new, tried and true smilin'

No need to worry if you miss one, he's on all day and allllll night!


I'd warn kinder-boys, but thankfully I'm told all girls still get cooties between the ages of 5-10 regardless of their styling new summer bobs.

She hasn't had her hair this short since she turned 2!  Only this time instead of a cute little 2 year old it makes her look like she's doubled her age... I'll think I'll be ok, but the heart palpitations worried me just a bit after I made the first 6 inch snip.


Jonah kept saying his hair was getting browner... not sure what that meant, but just in case it was I quickly cut that too.  I will not have those golden strands turning any other color on my watch!

And what's good for the geese is good for the gander.  Or something like that.  So Bash got one too.  And yes, bribery by Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood is the only way I can get them to sit in one place long enough to safely cut their hair. 


Sienna and Jonah were off at a Vacation Bible School this past week, so it was just me and the babies all morning.  Would it make me sound like a terrible mom to confess how wonderful it was?? 

 Don't get me wrong. I love all four of my kids, but lately some of these four are more enjoyable than others... I'm not naming and names (Doesn't Stop Talking and Grumpy About Life), but I'm pretty sure my stress level was at a life time low from the hours of 9-12 for 4 sweet, sunshiny days.   With Sam in my Ergo and Bash strapped in the stroller eating a little snack I just peacefully lingered around Marshalls just because.  Ironically I STILL got "hands full" and "are they both yours?" comments.  I deviated from my usual dirty looks or "yes, hands full of LOVE" replies to "Ooooh you don't know the half of it."  I get my kicks where I can.


Speaking of kicks.  You know what's a real kick to the pants?   A canceled vacation.

I'm trying to maturely accept that instead of lounging at the beach under blue skies and a breezy 75, I'll be home doing the same ol' under a suffocating 108 with a chance of soggy bottoms.

No really. It's cool. We've been to San Diego before.   I'm sure it'd be nothing new.

Kids napping on umbrella shaded towels.  

Another few eating their body weight in sand. 

Maybe a few joining Sienna's tears over demolished sand castles. 

Yeah, it probably wouldn't have been relaxing and memory making fun at all.  


When things don't go my way I try turning to master copers for a little pick me up.


Speaking of hilarious, dare I confess that I replayed this in my head non-stop while I was in labor with Sam.

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  1. Her hair looks adorable! Sorry about the canceled vacation :(