Thursday, June 6, 2013

Mom, it is freezing hot!

Which ironically makes sense when it's scortching hot outside and you jump into a freezing cold pool...

Which we have been doing a lot.

And by a lot I mean their skin doesn't have time to unprune before they want to get back in.

I'm pretty sure at this age I could barely swim with a life vest on. 

This was Sienna when she just turned 2. 

Since we don't have a diving board for Jonah we thought we'd see how he faired being launched by my 6' 5" tall brother instead...

I wish you could hear him calling out "Cow boy!"  because he can't remember "cannon ball."

So all this swimming pretty much leaves me melting under two mini furnaces by the pool....

Which gets a little old, so I opt for a slight variation of swimming....

Splash padding.

Which Sienna loves... Jonah tolerates...

And Bash loves to avoid.  

Unless of course I let him put on his brother's swim trunks and his sister's crocs... then, and only then is it fun to strut around. 

Alternatively, he wears everyone's sunglasses.  At the same time. 
I don't have photographic evidence, but I'm told via missing sunglasses reports that his PR is 3. 
Post word count < 200!!! 
(There's a first time for everything! ((And text in parentheses doesn't count against me)))

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