Sunday, April 13, 2014

Double birthday mission

These two baby boys of mine are on a mission to grow faster than any little humans have grown before. 

I'm not sure which is harder to believe that Bash turns 3 years old this week or that Sam's first year is officially complete in less than 24 hours.   

It's becoming obvious that two of them just isn't enough to share the burden of my over-zealous snuggling, squishing and kissing in the months leading up to this pending farewell to little baby-doom.  I'm confident if they had the words to express how much they'd like me to give them both just a littlemorespace they wouldn't give pause to my motherly emotional fragility before telling me so.  

And so, coordinating in their silent brotherly ways these two patiently seized the perfect moment to tell me how they've been feeling about my clinginess.  

Saved by his raspy laughter, Bash was immediately released from custody as we all looked to the silent offender for an explanation... 

Who then gazed questioningly in our general direction (but not in my cake covered eye) to make sure I got the message that he did not care for feeding himself messy cake and furthermore, he wanted me to clean him up at once and leave him to crawl, climb or chew into as many troublesome scenarios as he darn well pleased for the remainder of his 1st birthday party.  

By the grace of breast feeding, it wasn't long before he came crawling back (mostly, because he can't walk yet) to my loving general direction.

"We cool, Milk Supplier?" 

Taking my inch, I eagerly whispered a theme-fitting quote from a favorite book, "'I love you louder than the loudest rocket ship ever blasted!' little Sam-shiny "

Moving on to spread the verbal love with somebaby older enough to play at this game, I found Bash  sneaking his 2nd pre-singing birthday cupcake..

"I am not eating my cake, Mom!" 

Which was true, in addition to our rocket cake we did have an inviting sugar parade of cupcakes, rice krispies stars and planets to be washed down with a chilled box of juice.

He certainly had not yet touched the cake, but I'll have you notice that the cupcake tray was mysteriously removed from its place next to the rocket ship...  

Caught blue-faced or not I shot him a prefect one liner:

"Bash, did you know that I love you brighter than the brightest star ever shown?!"

To which he giggled down at his unlikely safe treasure and rasped:

"I love you to the moon and back, Mom!" 

Moments before we exploded from party fun and sugar consumption, we fired up the cake rocket and sang Happy Birthday to our little Bash-tronaut and Sam-shine. 

Sienna was crushed to observe a finger print out of the rocket cake "she worked so hard on."

She did work tirelessly filling every moment with idle chatter as I baked and got ready for the party.  While my ears were ready for a teeny break, she is such a hard worker and truly becoming a tremendous help to me in many ways.  Nonstop listening aside, I couldn't have imagined a better partner in party-making crime than this big sister!    She helped me draw, color and design little favor tags to go on the water blasters we gifted the party goers:

The ladies at Imagination Avenue were even impressed with the pictures she drew of Bash-tronaut and Sam-shine to tape on the party room walls.

I think her favorite part was helping me build and paint our jet pack and Birthday Mission space ship! 

You may have noticed one of our space rangers was out of orbit and therefore missing from most of these pictures.... 

We couldn't convince Jonah to miss not even one of his beloved soccer games even for his brothers' double birthday bash.  So Daddy and Jonah made their party debut halfway through as soon as the game was over.  As much as I would've liked all of my boys at the party the entire time I'm not sure there was a sweeter moment than Jonah and Bash running to hug each other when they finally arrived! 

Speaking of hugging, after his purposeful cake sharing, Sam began escaping to the refreshing arms of his ironically, way more affectionate Grandmother!

And with that, I will end by telling you one last time just how much I love theses little guys and one little gal of mine!   Their Dad isn't so bad himself...  

Happy Double Birthdays to the Little Big Brother and the Big Littlest Brother!