Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Straight talk with Sienna

Since my last post everyone has been wondering what Sienna's reaction to her new brother has been like and I think this picture pretty much sums it up.  

She was so excited when we called Monday evening saying he was finally here that my mom says she didn't sleep a wink all night long.   When Daddy picked her up the next morning she insisted on going straight to the hospital to see her baby that I so kindly grew for her inside my womb.

I just love this little thing and all her mini-me-like excitement and curiosity over life in general.  

Buuuuut lately her excitement over the creation of this new life has gone a teensy bit beyond joy for her new baby and is bordering on the realm of a bit too invasive for even my own daughter.   

Excuse the blurry photos that will help illustrate some of our overly honest conversations from this week:
  • Aw, Sebastian is smiling at his sweet new brother... now I'd like to draw your attention to Sienna on the right who is not eyeing her sweet new brother, but rather my "HUGE milkoos" seconds before she sneaks in a little grabsy honk on the the left sister.   

"Mommy, how did your milkoos get so big?  They feel weird, what did you put in them?"  

  • While barging into my bathroom, she stops stares at me and says

 "Can I put diapers in my panties too?" 

  • Minutes after arriving home from the hospital she looks at Samuel, then looks at me and finally says:  
"Mommy, it looks like there is still a baby in your tummy.  
Did they check to make sure there aren't more babies in there?  It looks like there is still one." 

  • Totally insensitive to the fact that I just squeezed the largest baby in the history of either sides of our family out of me, Sienna is sure to inform her friend's mommy with me standing awkwardly next to her that it takes me a really long time to go poo poo now.  

  • 4 days after giving birth she waits by the door to hear me turn off my shower, she races in, stops, stares and says
"Oh no, it's still big.  Mommy, why is your tummy STILL big today [day 4]?   
Is there a bubble in there?"

  • Dropping her off at school today she excitedly dashes back over and kisses my "bubble" as she loudly exclaims: 
"Bye-bye little tiny bubble that is getting only a little bit smaller!" 

  • Picking her up at school today I stay to chat with a classmate's mom who is due in June.  Sienna observes that my bubble is almost the same size as her friend's mommy.  Lovely.  Just lovely. 

  • Getting in the car, I try explaining to her that my "bubble" is very special to me, because it means I just got to have a baby in my tummy, which there are lots and lots of women who can never experience this and would give anything to... I'm so blessed.... so thankful... on and on.  I try telling her how girly and beautiful it makes me feel to have a baby in my tummy.  Totally ignoring my lecture, she puts on my sun glasses and says:

"Ok Mommy, but this makes me feel girly and pretty!"

Ok, fine,  Uncle! Uncle!  

She wins.  I'm trying, but let's be honest,  this part of motherhood isn't the same kind of "beautiful" and even she sees through my fancy lines.  


  1. Lol! Kids are just too honest sometimes. =/

  2. Oh my gosh, I can relate to so much of this! My five-year-old daughter reacted the exact same way to the birth of her little brother, complete with multiple questions about why my stomach still looked like it had a baby in it.

    That's so cool that we had our little boys so close together! I'm glad to have discovered your blog. Look forward to reading more. :)