Thursday, April 4, 2013

7 quick takes Friday vol 5


After our book worm bandit escapades when I saw this video I couldn't help but say

"Jonah??  Is that you?!"

Because these two clearly follow the same toddler sneakiness training. 
And I'm pretty sure I instantly loved this kid almost as much as I do Jonah!
Ironcially, but not surprisingly I made it through my first week off my 8 week stint of bed rest still pregnant....  My doctor and her nurse were "so surprised to see me!" at my check up this week.  Well, maybe they would've been less surprised if they had heeded my spoiler alert that my body just gets ready for labor reaaaaaallly early and then takes a long time to wrap things up as well.  But then again, I've only had 2 more other labors of experience than the average female to go off of, so yeah, it's understandable that they would ignore me.  

Surprised or not, we're all very glad that I've made it full term and I have a tiny secret to admit... I feel really, really good!  This is the best I've ever felt physically at this point in any of my pregnancies... rest isn't a bad thing... who knew??? 

Along these bright sides of things, I've been so incredibly thankful for this week off bed rest to enjoy the last few days being a family of five.  We've had so much fun together and been busier than I can remember in the last several months!  Jonah especially has really enjoyed having his almost fully abled bodied momma back.  I've had more snuggles, kisses and hugs this week than looks in my general direction from him over the past 2 months. 


Actually, with the exeption of today (which will be saved for an overly lengthly blog post of it's own) Jonah had been in rarely agreeable form for the past almost 2 weeks!  Sienna has been on spring break all this past week, which I feared might trigger some attention battles, but they've actually been enjoying each other quite a bit!   Their 2nd favorite activity to destroying the house is taking pictures of their silly faces together on my phone....


Speaking of phone. I have some deep prayers of thanksgiving to do for what happened to me yesterday morning...  I took the kids to the park early in the morning, came home and after at least an hour realized I didn't have my cell phone.... 

We all prayed, begged St Anthony for his intercession and searched high and low for that darn thing.  I gave Jonah a pat down and scoured his usual hiding spots for stollen goods, until I finally stopped to listen to his pleads that I left it at the park. 

I left my brand new iPhone at the public park on a bench in plain sight for over an hour. 

Turns out there were some higher powers at play when we picked Jonah's middle name to be Anthony.  His namesake from the Catholic patron saint of lost things is so appropriately fitting, he always finds stuff when I lose it!   So my little hero ran down to the park as fast as his legs could carry him and guess what...


Thank you LORD!  I am still in disbelief over the whole thing.  Sorry folks, if you were hoping to stalk my park waiting for this to happen again so you could score yourself a phone, I promise it will not!  Lesson learned.

There is no good transition from that... but it did remind me of the weekend before Easter when I counted my good fortune a little too early when I thought they were going to let me off bed rest at 35 weeks.  It turned out they wanted me to wait just oooone more week to 36 because this baby was surely gonna slide right on out as soon as I stood up.... But I didn't expect that at the time so I cheated and accidentally started doing whatever I wanted after 34 weeks if we're really being honest, but 35 weeks is when I decided I wanted to be fully off and not just semi-off rest. 

Since I'm still very knocked up I have no regrets.  Anyway, two Saturdays ago we headed to Tempe to see some Dragon boat races and to have a little family dinner picnic.  See the boats:

The boats actually aren't the point of this "take" but the picture above demonstrates what we were doing....

The point is about crazy Sebatian who kept pulling off his darn pants all day long!  We even tried putting on some tight pants with snaps for the public outing, but he seemed to find a way to do this repeatedly in the middle of the races. 

Ooooh the self-dressing and undressing age.  I'm so excited to see you again!

  When he's not going for public streaking, Bash still has quite the way with charming a crowd lately.  I felt so bad for the poor people behind us at mass on Palm Sunday.  They didn't have a prayer for paying attention to the service.  He kept playing peak a boo like this over Daddy's shoulder.  I really wanted to take a picture of it, but I'm pretty sure even I have enough social skills to know flash photography during mass for this purpose is probably just as bad as sticking gum under the pews...   

I tried to spice things up for Easter Sunday in consideration of the only Easter and Christmas folks who might appreicate a distraction just in case he decided to flirt a little....

He was NOT feeling the faux hawk or his Easter clip on.... 

Sorry, Dude, I don't see any toddler daughters in my very near future, so while you desparately need a haircut imma gonna have me some fun. 


After a week of slowly trying to control the ridiculous sugarly overload that is any modern day holiday, this morning I tried tricking the kids with "smoothies" for breakfast. I thought I was pretty stealthy with my mostly vegetable incredients slipping into the blender, but Jonah took approximately one hefty sip before saying:

"Dis is not ice ceeem!  Dis is yucky yuck in my tummy!  I want eggs!"
Only Bash was fooled!  He drank 4 kid cups.  FOUR entire kid cups of it!  I'm pretty sure he gets out of eating his veggies for the rest of the weekend after that. 
Sienna drank hers, but she quickly told me: 
"You didn't put enough yogurt and fruit in this Mom, it tastes like a dinner icee."
I'm joining Jen at Conversion Diary

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