Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I see you when you're sleeping....

I know when you're awake!

This line was clearly not just for Santa.

As parents we just have this sleep-dar that goes off when our kids try to fake snooze until we're not watching.  Which is how I caught these two repeat offenders in the act last night!

Last night at 9:50 pm approximately 2 minutes after I turned off our bedroom light another light creeped under our door from down the hall....

Waiting extremely patiently for their attack (since 7:45 pm) the two book worm bandit brothers plotted their crime.    

Knowing they'd have to wait for the rest of us suckers to fall asleep, the two brothers allegedly planned their safety checks.

Check 1:  Wait for Mommy to turn off her light.  (Daddy usually just falls asleep with the light on, so that's a faulty test and even they know that....)

Check 2:   Turn on Sienna's light, if she stays asleep, she won't tell mom and dad when we turn ours on! 

All clear!  

Normally, ok, not normally, but for the first 10 times this happened I just thought it was adorably sweet that Jonah would sneak books into his brother's crib so the two of my future nerds could indulge in just a few more pages of their books.  

I love to fall asleep reading!  I'm no heartless nerd, nothing makes me prouder than knowing how much my babies love books.  I encourage this!   However....

Bed time policing against late night reading has a serious purpose in the staying up late crime scene.

It stops the young hoodlums in their gateway crimes before they start bed hopping later in life.

Or even worse, withdrawal sleeping in the car an hour before nap time...

(Please accept deep sleep drool stain on the right buckle as evidence against him.)

You see, we just cannot allow the late night book reading no matter how near and dear it is to my own law breaking heart! 

At least with Sienna there is always one glaring way to determine if she really slept or not...

This kid has a vicious hair fairy! 


  1. I am sincerely sorry that your kids take after me so much.

  2. I love it.

    THAT RUG. I want that monkey rug!!!!

  3. It's so hard because they are finally quite and reading. We have fell victims to this too, not nice the next day.