Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A picture says a thousand words

Sweet first born Sienna wants to read and write so badly it's really shameful that I'm not doing more as a mother to help her....  I was a teacher.   I should be thrilled to sit down and help her work on her fluency and writing, but instead I took the easy way out and bought her a special book that she could do picture journaling in and then we'd sit down and make stories to go with it. 

Thankfully, she LOVES this. 

Quiet journaling and drawing continues for the better half of a spring break morning.

I'm so wrapped up in not having her talking to me non-stop that I honestly don't really realize she's been attentively illustrating our entire morning.... 

It wasn't until nap time when she asked me to help her write out her stories that I discovered a typical morning in our life through my 5 year old's eyes:

"First, we woke up and did laundry.  We had a lot of towels to fold from swimming the other day when it was a little hot, but not very hot."

"While Mommy was putting away the laundry, Jonah said he had to go potty.  But he didn't really go potty.  Jonah left the sink on [left the water running after plugging the sink] and made a big mess on the rug and all over by the toilet.  Then he ran out and took the fench [fence] off our little tree."

"This is Jonah.  Jonah was laughing that he did naughty stuff.   And then he was crying when Mommy called him to come back inside."

Funny, how concise and sketch-like her drawings are... she can draw pretty detailed people, but she told me she had to hurry so she didn't miss what he was doing....

"This is Mommy standing at the back door saying
'Jonah, come in here!'"

Looks like Mommy packed her angry eyes for this picture!

"Then Mommy closed her eyes because she was so mad before she told Jonah to come sit on the couch immediately.  This is a picture of Mommy talking to Jonah on the little couch.  Sienna was on the big couch drawing really super duper fast and Bash was watching because he did naughty stuff too like spilling my milk, but Mommy didn't see that yet because she was so mad at Jonah."

I did see the spilled milk.  Which is actually how I discovered the running water in the bathroom... So really, as mad as I was that Sienna left her milk at arms reach for Sebastian, I was also a little tiny bit thankful, because I might have missed hearing the flooding bathroom for even longer.  I don't want to imagine how much of a mess that would've been!!    It was because of the milk disaster that I was walking to the laundry room next door to the aforementioned bathroom to get rags to clean the milk. 

See, there are things even the most perseptive 5 year olds just can't quite appreicate regarding my ability to multitask and detect trouble... nah, it didn't really make me feel better to say that either.

"Mommy was so angry she made both of the boys go take nappies right away even though it wasn't really nap time yet."
True story, although not illustratable from her perspective, because I agressively said "Sienna, stay right there while I put the boys to bed. I mean it today!"
"After the boys went to sleep Mommy was happy again.  She cleaned up the bathroom and then laid on the couch with her phone."

At first I thought she was illustrating attenae coming from my eyes, but this is my "beautiful make up."   The scribbles on my abdomen was not indigestion, but rather the baby kicking from being happy again. 

"I like it when Mommy is happy, not when she is angry at the boys.  This is a Mommy and Sienna going to the swimming pool after the baby comes out of her tummy without the boys, because they make her angry from doing naughty stuff.  The baby can come with us, because I can help her hold my baby brother in the water and maybe after we go swimming she will let me put her beautiful make up on too."

I'm really not angry that often. 
Really, I'm mostly a really happy person! 
Stressed, maybe a little here and there during the day, which is to be expected when raising two mischievious boys, but more than just my phone and lying on the couch makes me smile.
Like this little Miss Thing. 

How can she not make me smile??

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