Friday, April 26, 2013

7 quick takes vol 8


I survived my first week alone as a mother taking care of 4 children under the age of 5!!  We didn't even lock ourselves in a dark cave or even our own home for the entire week either.  In fact, I made it to school on time for pick up and drop off every single day.... I'm not bragging...  Ok, I'm a little bit bragging, but mostly excitedly, shockedly celebrating overcoming a legitimate fear I've had since being on a stick 9 months ago.


This is the gem that has been getting me through any sort of tiredness or sour mood that has threatened to surface multiple times this week.  Trust me, it's good enough to use multiple times for a quick laugh. 


In case the dozen of strangers who had lots of unsolicited opinions to share about me bringing my brand newborn baby out in public are reading this blog (riiiight, cause that's likely),  I will say it again with a firm stomp and reiteration:

Yes, we left the house.  

Yes, I took my absolutely fresh out of the womb baby in public.  

No, I didn't come straight from the hospital, but uh, gee, thanks for thinking I look like it. 

Yes, I even went to play areas and play groups with my few days old newborn AND his toddler siblings who probably would've done him more harm cooped inside all week than any lingering germs on a plastic slide that never got closer than 15 feet from his little mouth.   

There!  I said it and I'm not ashamed!   I'm nursing.  He's fine.  And his brothers were plenty warn out for naps.  It was a small risk that I'm glad I took.


Whenever we were at home the best weapon I had to get in the hour long nursing sessions was a trusty backyard exile.   Honestly, it's hardly mean.  The weather here has been perfect and we have tons of stuff to do back there...

Buuuuut, Sebastian still pretty much just enjoys sitting here on this picnic bench and eating dog food out of Max A Moose's disgustingly dirty bowl.   Why do kids like this stuff? 


If I don't do the backyard exile I walk into situations like this where Jonah is playing trash truck driver with a pair of tweezers he got out of my make up bag and my earring box.   When should I mention to my husband that I still can't find part of the pair of earrings he gave me for our first Christmas together??   Jonah insists he took it to Trashy Town, but I have yet to discover exactly where that is located.... 


Before Sam was born my dad emailed asking if I wanted him to come into town for a few days right after the baby arrived to meet him, but still be able to be helpful by taking the older kids off my hands and maybe let me catch up on sleep and take it easy.   But I think I read his email wrong, because he did come to visit this past weekend, but this is mostly what happened while he was here....


I have a confession to make.  I wasn't really that tired today.  Shhhh, please don't tell anyone.  I have an image to uphold here, and if the Mister were to get one whiff of me possibly being close to back in the saddle again all this new level of helping from the bed rest would quickly cease to exist.... 

But it felt SO good to feel almost normal again!  I had energy.  I felt motivated. I didn't ache.  I don't really hurt anywhere that's not ignorable once I'm distracted. I'm not exactly sure how this happened but I think this is all because the older kids all three slept in an hour and a half longer than they normally do, which was just enough time to let me actually feel rested from falling back to sleep after my 4:45 feeding.  

It's a half miracle and I'll take it!  In exchange though, I cooked an actual dinner for tonight, cleaned my floors and bathrooms, did 4 loads of laundry (still not folded though) and cut Jonah's hair.   

The bad news?   Now I'm beat... C'est la vie! 

I'm joining Jen, head on over too! 

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