Friday, April 12, 2013

7 quick takes Friday vol 6


All about confession...   most Catholics are used to "defending" things like confession to the secular world.  Personally, as a former protestant I'll just tell you that this was the easiest selling point for me ever about becoming Catholic!  Free therapy and life coaching by a holy man who is being guided by the holy spirit... gee, let me think... oh yeah, um, YES PLEASE!   So I try to go fairly often, which usually means I have the whole crew in tow to go say "sorry to Jesus" and that usually means a thousand questions about what Mommy is sorry for...

Apparently, this past Saturday no questions were needed, because Sienna already knew what I needed to be really sorry about and loudly said to me in the oooh so quiet confession line:

"Mommy, do not forget to say sorry to Jesus for lying to me about packing me a fruit roll up in my lunch box, because you did not really do it!" 

Thank goodness for the help examining my conscious, because I don't recall promising any lunch contents that week, so this certainly wouldn't fallen under for all the sins I've forgotten to confess category.


Speaking of endearing things Sienna has said to me lately... today we were alone in the car, so I tried to strike up a special conversation to let her know how much I love her:

"Sienna, do you know how thankful Mommy and Daddy are that God gave us a little girl just like you first!?   You are such a precious gift.   Did you choose us to be your Mommy and Daddy before you came to us from heaven?? "  (Cheesy, yes, but I've very hormonal, and it's what I said, so just go with it.) 

"No silly!  God choose you to be my mommy.  I would've picked Miss Ami.  I like her hair."

Ok, seriously, why is everybody hating on my hair lately?????


Aiiight, we're at the 38 week mark.   I've been oddly patient about how well this bed rest thing has worked.... but 38 weeks is where I approach mission birth a baby a tad bit more aggressively.   This is the most pregnant week I've ever been.... so between that and all the hair hating and constant "Is he here yet" badgering from my family, I think we can all agree that it's time for this guy to head on out.

I have to say the performance pressure from Daddy has been the worst.  As if his birth diagram wasn't enough all I've been hearing for the last 3 weeks is how THIS week is the best week to miss work or he feels the most rested on THIS day or whatever it is about him that would be convenient for me to go into labor.

The kids are also taking cues from Dad and keep suggesting we go on walks to try to get the baby to come and then they like to take pictures of me walking.   Maybe this is all really just quite humorous to them and they're trying to document it.

I don't understand any of this, but at least I feel supported in my goal to birth a baby sometime in the next week.


So between my speed walk for labor 5Ks and the amazingly perfect weather we've had this week, we've been hitting up the park almost daily.   Which was perfect timing for me to bust out Sienna's first pair of roller skates!!

They are the most hand-me-down hand-me-downed roller skates ever.  

Dog chewed insoles, rusted bindings and major scuffs and markings.  To her they are the best gift she's ever gotten in the whole wide world and she cannot stop thanking us enough for her special treat that means so much to her how can she ever mush over it enough??  


Speaking of special treats, we've been trying to take each kid on a one-one "date" with mommy before the new baby.  Jonah especially loves "taking Mommy" on a date.  Even though he already had his special date I couldn't resist a quick second date after his doctor's appointment last week when in the waiting room he so casually leaned over, gave me a smooch on the cheek as he threw his arms around my neck and said:

"After this Mom, I am going to take YOU on a special date to McDonald's for a chocolate ice cream!"  

Really?  Do you blame me?  He's a smooth talker and I'm not one to turn down and ice cream date offer in my current state. 


Soooo this take is really just a teensy confession of mine before I tell you about my other date night in #7....  

For those of you who haven't been reading long enough, don't know me or didn't guess.... I will admit that I was totally, completely, 100% the most obnoxious girl in almost every single college discussion class I ever took.  

Somewhere in the middle of my first semester freshmen year I started sitting on my hand to prevent myself from raising it to comment every 10 seconds . Per the advice of my dear college advisor who I know actually did like me, I even went so far as to limit myself to sharing one thought per topic.   He threw out the suggestion to write down my thoughts and questions, let 2 people speak before I do and if no one else said my thought that means it is probably worth sharing.   

I didn't share because I thought my opinions were somehow unique.  It's just how I actively listen!   I comment!  I relate!  I ask questions!  I do not just sit and listen.  I can't help it.  If I'm just sitting and listening without some sort of participation and you can be darn sure I'm not really listening and very likely not the least bit interested in what ever is being blabbed about.   


SO with THAT in mind..... I'll tell you about how my real boy friend has also been taking me on a few "last night without towing a newborn for a long time" dates.  Last Saturday night for a date we went to a talk with Patrick Coffin from Catholic Answers on Immaculate Heart Radio!   

Catholic nerd warning here... yes, I listen to IH radio pretty regularly and happen to be a big fan of Mr. Coffin... and yes, we were both really excited about this opportunity and totally considered it a fun date!   And yes, most people I told about going responded with "Who???"   

The first part of his talk was on Beginning Apologetics and the second entire hour was an open Q & A.   You can see where this is going, can't you??   

Totally raised my hand.  

Totally stumbled over my overly wordy question about how to respond to some of my more difficult NFP clients' arguments against the Church's teaching on birth control. 

Totally turned beet red and half way humiliated my poor date by my silly groupie type reaction when he thanked me for the 'excellent' question in the lobby as he was signing books. 

Ahhhhh, embarrassing!!  He is so charitable and patient that I'm SURE he said that to every single person that asked questions... but of course, I couldn't just say, "oh no, thank you for your answer" or something... but I'm socially awkward and that's the woman my husband married, so instead of making me walk home he just teased me when we got in the car :) 

I'd go on a second date with this guy too.

You guessed it.... I'm joining Jen at Conversion Diary!  You should too! 


  1. I tried to take my son on a special date and he decided it was the perfect time for a nap. Glad you are taking the time for 1:1

    1. That is so funny!! I bet he tired himself out getting so excited about the date!! I've actually been on a date where my date feel asleep in the middle of the movie theater :) I'll just tell myself the same thing happened there with the guy being so excited to be on a date with me it wore him out.... ha!

  2. #2, LOL!!! Seriously, your hair is beautiful. I'd give anything for pretty hair. My hair is a fiasco on a good day. Sienna is so funny.