Friday, March 1, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 1)

--- 1 ---
If you don't already read Camp Patton you will now! When I don't have time during this bed rest (um right) to read any other blogs, this is the gal I make time for... Ok that just really means, I always read her first  since I never don't have time to find the bottom of the internet these days :)  She has two weekly posts that I really like and so I realized that clearly my blog'll only be cool if I try to be like her too... So I decided to see what this cool kids club entailed and discoverd it all roots back to Jen the original gangsta of 7QTF at Conversion Diary!!   Are you convinced yet to do this too? 

--- 2 ---
We've been sick around these parts.... but let me properly direct your anticipated pity...   I actually look forward to Jonah getting sick, because it means rare snuggles and quiet time with Mommy....

Now that you understand that, you can feel pity for me as a terrible mother for slightly enjoying a chance to wrestle him still long enough to love on this wild man when he doesn't feel so good.... 

--- 3 ---
During our time on the couch this week I had the chance to interview Jonah on a few important topics:

Me- What do you think your new brother is doing in my tummy?
Jonah-  He's in timeout. 

Me-  He is?!  Why is he in timeout?
Jonah-  Because he keeps kicking.
(Um, this is an excellent point, this baby should be in timeout! His kicks actually hurt!)

Me- Will you teach your new brother how to be a good boy and not get timeouts.
Jonah- Probably, actually NO

Me-  So, Jonah what do you think your brother's favorite color will be?
Jonah-  Bee-oooh (blue), but he has to have Bash's geeen (green) bowl, because the beeoooh one is mine.
Me- What if Bash doesn't want to share his bowl?  
Jonah-  Bashy always has to share or he will go to timeout too. 

--- 4 ---

Speaking of Bashy always sharing, he has decided to share everyone else's bed lately but his own....

We keep finding this crib escaper asleep all over the upstairs...

--- 5 ---
I'm getting my carpets cleaned right now.  Now, I'm new to this game, so if this isn't note worthy for 7QTF I just don't know what is, because I honestly can't think of anything that I've looked forward to all week like this in long time!!

--- 6 ---
I'm celebrating my 32nd week of pregnancy tomorrow... celebration worthy not only because each week has felt like years in this third trimester, but because we are offically in the safety zone where thanks to modern medicine this little caved in super hero has just as much a chance of being a happy healthy baby as any other born full term!    

We strategically had the carpets cleaned today so the house would be somewhat ready for his homecoming just in case my wild celebration of date night to the movies and out to dinner with first main man jumps us into action.  Ok, fine, I'll probably convince my hot date to swing by Target for a motorized shopping cart ride too, just because I need quality time with both of my neglected love affairs.

--- 7 ---
Picture Source

Last, and most important of all, farewell Pope Benedict XVI!  I guess being a convert puts me in a unique position to get asked often by lots of friends and family how I feel about "the whole Pope thing?!"  

Well, I'll tell you... I feel blessed!  Incredibly blessed to have converted just in time to witness such a holy man answering his calling and completing it with an ultimate display of dignity for the value of a near ending human life-  both things he did and accepted when it was probably most difficult to do.  At 78 years old to take on the weight of the world as Pope is humbling for me to even consider.  Would I be obedient to an even remotely tremendous or fractionally daunting task?   Looking back at all he did during that time for the Church is even more inspiring.  We will always pray for him and give thanks for his wisdom, guidance and love!  


  1. We gave up on the crib for our guy and converted it into a toddler bed. He still wants to crawl over the END of the bed rather than merely step down. hope the little one feel better soon!

  2. I love your take on the "pope thing" as a convert. So encouraging! I was born and raised Catholic and love my faith, but the stories of converts are always so great. Hope your little dude is feeling better soon.

  3. Totally agree with you on #7! People have been asking me that too. I just tell them that I love Papa Bene and I think he's doing the right thing.

    I enjoy sickies from my kids sometimes too. Snuggles are the best.

    Welcome to 7QT! :)