Friday, March 8, 2013

7 quick takes Friday (Vol 2)

--- 1 ---
This week we got invited to a real life party in a few weeks that is scheduled for the very weekend I'm supposed to get off bed rest!!!  Eeeee!!!  Socializing!  Fresh air!   Friends!!  I was so excited I accidentally broke bed rest to do the embarrassing awesome mommy dance all over our kitchen as I asked Sienna what type of side she thinks we should bring.   Dancing the lame mommy dance with me (I shouldn't ruin her chance of a normal social life by encouraging such things, but they're also the only moves I've got) she suggests:

"I know! How 'bout we bring and apple-tizer!"
"That's a good idea instead of a dessert, what kind?"
"Hum... prolly a green apple one"

In my excitement I almost missed this apple-tizer gem!

--- 2 ---
Did you know that I turn into a scary monster toddler eating monster with razor sharp claws when I change Bash's diapers?   Me neither, but he sure thinks so!  He will do anything in his almost 2 year old power to kick, flip, buck, twist or flail out of my reach.  This is becoming quite the work out for my bed rest fatigued body to handle.  Ironically, I think it'd make me a real monster to just give up trying and make him sit in his stinky mess all day.... if the shoe fits, wear it!  Maybe I'll try this today.

--- 3 ---

In celebration of hitting 32 weeks last weekend I decided to go to church for the first time in almost a month!   It was the most fitting opportunity for me to continually shout the "if loving the Lord is wrong, I don't want to be right!" the entire drive there (Coming to America?  Anyone?  Too old?  Please don't tell me it's too old?).   I just needed to go.  I really do not like missing church.  I need that time.   It's hard for people who don't go to church to understand, but a month without was really wearing me down.   

Buuuut it turns out I probably should've been wrong for a little longer, because everyone and their Sunday hats said something to the effect of "oooh so good to see you!  Must be so nice that you're off bed rest!" including my own husband who assumed this also meant I should basically be off bed rest because I "could" make it through mass.  What did people think?   If I got out of bed the baby would slip right out???   Of course I "could" make it through mass.  I probably "could" go to the grocery store, cook dinner, clean my house and carry my children up and the down the stairs, but it's not a exactly recommended to try at this point... so my celebratory excursions are no more until I am officially off bed rest to avoid giving any false impressions that it would be ok for the baby to be born this early.  It would be "ok" in terms of survival, but the timer hasn't buzzed yet, this little bun needs to cook a lot longer!!

I'm still on bed rest. I'm still on bed rest.  I won't wonder around any more!  Scouts honor!

--- 4 ---
Poor Jonah meets his fate again....

The train table won this battle, but don't worry, he'll probably try again next week just to make sure running into it will still hurt.  

--- 5 ---

The jury is out whether he was trying to make his brother feel better for his swollen Orc face or if he just forgot it's a bad idea to try blowing a motor boot in a bubble bath.

--- 6 ---
Before I begin, please refer back to #4 for the disclaimer that I do not want this baby to born any time extremely soon, but in a few more weeks, not months would be nice.  So I'm starting to get my mind ready for labor.  We get to have a doula for the first time this birth (yay!!! more embarrassing mom dance arms!).  We met with her last night to talk about some of our expectations for labor.  She had both of us parents-to-be (again) illustrate our respective ideals for the birth experience.  I'll let all you experienced child birthers enjoy Daddy's ideal birth situation.  I'd love to hear your thoughts on this one!!!

(The scribble is curtesy of Bash, who can't resist an opportunity to 'dah too'" 

--- 7 ---
I'm quite excited for this Friday, not because it promises to be filled with mediocre meatless meal options, but because my sister is flying into town as I type!!   I'm not really sure who loves her more, me or my kids, but both of us get similarly excited when she walks through the door.   She enjoys my silly punny humor, also laughs with her mouth open too wide with me and personally knows the woman who Sean Lowe picks to be his "ever lasting" bride!!  Which means I can corner her without electronic escape into answering my many questions that she's been avoiding all season long since accidentally telling me she not only knew who he picked in the end, but she KNEW who he picked in the end!   So I can't really focus on wrapping this up with anything witty or interesting, except maybe to say wish me luck not wanting to push my bed restiness while she's here.  

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  1. Apple-tizer... lol. =)
    My 1 year-old has been HATING having her diaper changed lately too... I think it has something to do with a new baby on the way, because my other daughter got that way at this stage too. =)
    My husband is in perfect agreement with yours about the way the birth 'should' go. And I admit, I prefer things to be relatively quick myself, just not 3-second quick. =)

    1. That's what I'm hoping for... like a decent 5 hour "quick." I've always had really, really long labors, but I've heard short ones are full of panic and stress.

  2. Sebastian looks like a Zoobilee Zoo character in that pic, nice!

    Also, I'm loving that picture Kevin drew. Nice knockers you've got there! What's the significance of five minutes to noon being the time? Is it so you can be ready in time for lunch?

    1. Hahaha, I was pretty flattered by my rack illustration as well! Noon being the time is so that it's in the middle of the day (not too early and definitely not an over night or late night labor of any kind) and that yes, it finishes up in time for a meal since I'm always famished right after labor. He was looking out for me slightly on that one :)

  3. Our 2 year old also does the death roll when getting his diaper changed. He cries when we take it off and refuses to have a new one one. Which wouldn't be bad if potty training/learning was on the horizon. I am pretty sure that it isn't.

    1. I'm glad I'm not alone! I learned from previous potty training that it's better to wait longer than try too soon, but I'm quickly remembering why it's so tempting to be done with diaper changing when they get to this age! I'm lucky I don't pull a muscle some days!