Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I am not alone

I typically spend the majority of my afternoons waiting for Daddy to finally get home by defying the laws of mother surface area to child volume

During this joyous over-togetherness session I occasionally dare to sneak away for a tiny sanity recharge in the bathroom. My attempts are usually futile, but every once in a while my escape is stealthy enough to allow sufficient time for full door shutting and locking before the troops follow!

When this happens I happily sit on the closed toilet seat (what you think I actually had time to drink enough water to need to pee?!), next I unlock my child protected iPhone and eagerly attempt social media connection with the real world.

Ahh phew, I'm not alone after all!!

Oh yeah, the kids and the dogs are also still there waiting for me outside the door.

Ironically, being locked in a bathroom is often a good way to get them to stay in one spot for 2 minutes.... Unfortunately getting to the bathroom undetected with a chance to lock myself in there is more than half the battle!

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