Friday, March 22, 2013

7 quick takes Friday vol 4

Spring is here!  I mentioned last week that it's really been starting to warm up, which means our pool has returned to becoming a tempting focal point of our yard.  Oh yeah, of course the kids are begging to swim in it.  But by tempting I mean mostly for the boys to throw as many objects as launchably possible into it over the course of the morning....   So the other day I caved and decided to let them just try swimming in it instead!  It was coooold!!


Daddy came home and thought swimming sounded like a fantastic idea.  And yes, the joke was on him when he instantly developed near hypothermia.  He was pretty pleased with the action shot I snapped of the first dive of the year, so he determined the numbness in his toes was worth it.


Speaking of swimming, you probably already read how this little guy miraculously just sat nicely right next to me at swim lessons (indoor and heated pool) while he watched his big brother and sister splash around in joy.  I just cannot get over what a good boy he was!!  I really need this image to calm me when I encounter situations like #4.


Yes ma'am.  This would be our Costco size bottle of garlic powder sprinkled all over our kitchen a la Sebastian.


Thank goodness it happened in the evening and I'm on bed rest and just couldn't be the one to clean it.


You're still stuck on #4 aren't you?  Yeah, me too.  How on earth did Bash get his little paws on that huge bottle of garlic powder?   I'd like to know the answer to that question too.  In fact, almost this entire incident is full of unsolved mysteries.   Besides the obvious mystery of how he managed to do this, the biggest brain buster for me is how the entire escapade went undetected by Daddy sitting just feet away from the crime scene.   Oh never mind that nuance, I think he was reading the news, which is pretty much just as good as him not being in the room at all. 

Fortunately, all three kids got to enjoy "snow" on our kitchen floor, otherwise who knows how long it would've taken us to put a stop to the garlic spread.  Thankfully my pregnant nose picked up the scent of mischief.  Ok, fine, the scent of garlic.  And called Sienna upstairs for inquisition.  She didn't get within 2 feet of me and I thought, ew, ugh, I'm really losing it, this kid smells so bad I can't even hug her!   Until.... she revealed what in fact was going on down stairs. 

Most stories like this end with "and then I screamed and yelled and pulled out the straight jackets" but Daddy was watching them, so I knew I wasn't on clean up duty and it is a little funny.... so naturally, I ran downstairs to take a picture of it for the blog tell Daddy what was happening.  


Speaking of Daddy, the poor guy has been working like a dog!  He has been staying super late every single night this week to wrap up end of year stuff.  And I'm sure his boss is putting a little extra pressure for him to get ahead since he might just maybe possibly (hopefully) need to take a lot of time off in the next couple weeks here!  

So not only will we let missing the spicy disaster in the making slide, I also cut him a little slack in the Donuts for Dad Day commitment by stepping in as the coolest "dad- who is really mom" ever!  Instead of daddy painting Sienna's nails, she painted mine.  She didn't do too shabby either.  She also shaved my uh arms, because I was wearing skinny jeans and we couldn't reach my legs.  And because I'm slightly OCD and I didn't want the shaving cream brushes that were lathering 10 burly dad's faces before me to go on my actual face. Yuck. 


This is how I woke up this morning....  he's extra sweet when he thinks no one else is watching :) 

It's gonna be a good Friday!

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  1. The dive is cool. I giggled at Kevin finding out about the cold.