Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Yust yoking ya!

We really like to tell jokes in our family. 

Not just any jokes, but specifically cheesy, punny and popsicle stick worthy one liners. 

I take full responsiblity for this way of life that started somewhere deep in my DNA. 

While most college girls throw drinks in the face of cheesy pick up lines, I swooned. 

My match-made-in-heaven gets this about me.  And Valentine's Day just happens to be a big deal for my gene type.  So this year instead of flowers, chocolates or teddy bears, he did what I've always really wanted on this annual occasion to express our love and appreciation for each other.... He researched clever new material. 

It was very sweet.  However, there is more to the story than just that and since he never reads this blog, I feel safe sharing this little confession with ya'll.....

It all started the morning of Feb 14th when I accidently caught him planning his surprise attack....  you see, he left his email account up on our computer while he was at work, so every time he got an email a notification  the first few lines flashed in the lower right hand corner of the screen.   You can see it is clearly not my fault and not due to any unjust snooping that I noticed an email to himself from him-workself entitled "Jokes for the girls." 

You can imagine what that did to me!  I was so excited, so happy, so touched I could hardly imagine pretending to be surprised.  That is the way to this wife's heart right there, Mister! 

Geez, it used to take a clever line to get a tiny smooch out of me,  now apparently all it takes is knowing he is thinking of one....   

While day dreaming of his reaction to my perfectly cheesy homemade card it dawned on me..... Wait, did that subject line say girlS??? 

More than one girl?!

I'm his only girl!!!  WAIT!  This is not heart melting, this terrible news.  But you see, I couldn't actually open the email to be sure, because then he'd know and think I was snooping.  But maybe I had a reason to poke around.  It must've been the bed rest.   It was too much for him.  He was looking for a broader audience. 

The joke was definitely going to be on this guy when he got home! 

What felt like years later and was probably somewhere between 2-3 hrs after I read the subject line we all heard the sound of his car pulling up and ran to the front room to greet him when he excitedly stopped us to say:

 "Where are my Valentine girlS.... I've got one for ya!" 
Oh man.
How did I just miss that?!   OF COURSE HE HAS TWO GIRLS!! 

Sienna appreciates quality cheeseness just as much as her mother!  It's in our DNA remember??   He understands that there is one way to both of his girls' hearts and he planned accordingly.  This was no easy joke finding task. Her pun reference is pretty limited at 5 years old, so to find a joke that gets chuckles from both of us was tough to do!   Just when I thought my pregnant, overly sensitive, temporarily suspicious heart couldn't be unfrozen, it melted right back to pure mush. 

Wanna know what the joke was??

Why did the sea monster eat 5 ships carrying potatoes? 
Can you eat just one potato ship?

Turns out just as Sienna takes after her mother in joke appreciation, Jonah takes after his Daddy in delivery.  A few weekends ago during our camping trip (30 feet from our house), Jonah says:

"Hey Mom, why did the boy throw his truck into the fire?" 
Not ready for an actual joke to make sense (it usually takes a few years of speech and vocabulary to get here), I said, "Um, because he wanted to get in trouble?!!" 
 "No, because it was a fire truck silly!" 

Even if he weren't only 3 years old I'd say that was pretty clever :)    I sure love my goofy boys!


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