Monday, May 6, 2013

Just Jonah vol 2

"Quick, Jonah! Come over here for one second and let me take a picture with you so I can show your handsome face on my blog!" - Me

"First you have to try to get me and den give me kisses" -Jonah

Got him!

A few of my favorite Jonah lines from the past 2 weeks:  
"My favorite part of today was when Bash got stuck in the climbing structure and he was hiding from you." -Jonah

"Mom!  Come outside! Don't you want to see Daddy's naked?" 
Hoping all neighbors heard the juicy status I walk out back to Daddy in his swim trunks... We might want to work on doing a better job explaining "naked" to him before he starts school...

After intensely starring at my friend's adorable daughter who has spent all 2 1/2 years of her life struggling to grow the few short strands of hair on her head, Jonah turns to my friend and says:
"Miss Meghan, does Gracie have a penis or a gyna?" 

"Mom, can I see your phone? I need to call to Aunt Dani on your camera." -Jonah
Of course, I quickly call my sister on face time to see where this is headed...seconds into out chat he says:
"All done, now can we watch something else on your phone?" -Jonah
You gotta hand it to him, his plan totally worked.

"This is our doggy.  He poops outside. Don't eat it." -Jonah 

"Mom!! I need you, I put a rock inside my tummy. Can you get it?" -Jonah

"Mom, my poo poo is stuck inside me.  Can you get that out?" 
 Jonah is pretty confused how I could get a baby out of my tummy but not the objects in his...

"Jonah, your poo poo is stuck because you put your stinky toes in you mouth while we watched our show!  That's yucky and it will make your tummy hurt and your poo poo hard."  -Dr. Sienna

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