Thursday, May 9, 2013

3 weeks of life when you're #4


Let's assume you're as lucky as Samuel and have managed to survive co-habitating with 2 overly zealous toddlers brothers....

They love you a little too much some ALL times and enjoy seeing if you can still breathe if they plug your nose.  Yes, they've both tried this on you at least once a day a piece.  Daddy and I are sure they're training you for a carrier as a navy seal.  

In case the nose plugging isn't enough your sister brought home a present for you from school last week.

A big, nasty, mucusy, sneezy, coughy, hacky COLD. 

We sound like a bunch of coal miners and you my sweet, exclusively breastfeed newborn with all the extra antibodies weren't even an excpetion.
After 2 nights of trying to help you nurse every hour on the hour I called your doctor to scream and cry about what a joke nose bulbs and humidifiers are and that you have so much mucus we could recoat the wall next to your sister's bed with fresh boogers. And someone in this house has got to get some sleep or things will not be ok!   
Fortunately, she's kind of a genius and recommended the NoseFrida, a sucker that doesn't suck!  Actually, it really sucks, which is why it's so amazing.   I had to brave Whole Foods with 4 children, an experience that Grace so brilliantly captures to pay a bank robbing $20 for a tube with a straw and mouth piece and a sponge filter! But it is so worth it!!  

Kids, toddlers, babies and newborns, lend me your noses!! 

I'm a gonna suck the snot right out of ya! 

And oooh you will like it!   I did snap a shot of the collection tissue, but was talked out of actually showing it to you all... be glad. 

While sucking the snot out of my newborn's nose with my own mouth, I realized on top of feeling horrible, not being able to sleep, breathe or eat comfortably the poor little soldier has a mosquito bite right next to his eye!!! 
My iPhone camera is failing me on this one, but if you look closely there is that pesky red bump.  I figured I was saving our entire city from bug bites based on the number I have on my left arm alone, but alas, Sam is taking one for the team too. 
Ugh, and you know what is even worse, he isn't even coordinated enough to scratch the itch!  My heart is breaking.    
It's a cruel world little buddy, no wonder you stayed in my belly so long.

Do you think they use mosquito bites as a form of torture in some countries?   If someone threatened me with a jar of hungry mosquitos I'd pretty much break and tell them anything and everything.

Thanks for being here even though it's not as lovely as I promised my little Samshine. 

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