Friday, May 31, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday Vol 13


Today is the day he said "I do" and I said nothing.   True story!  My heart was telling me yes, but my voice was no longer with us.   The week of my wedding I got the worst laryngitis I've ever had in my entire life.  From Thursday to Monday of my wedding weekend it was at it's peak and I lost my voice so badly that I could hardly even whisper!   

Some other members of this marriage say that my silence is always golden to him, but in this case it was awful (yes, even to him)!!  He is really not good at social interactions of the small talking and mushy feeling sharing type, so he was quite remiss that I could not fulfill my half of the marriage bargain in that respect.  I felt fine (miraculously) so the voicelessness factor didn't prevent me from smiling away and awkwardly over-gesticulating all my emotions and gratitude for people coming to my wedding that was obviously not clearly stated by this stoic groom of mine... I still shudder thinking of how silly I must have been, but hey, I was a married woman, so who did I need to impress?  


On anniversaries we all get wished happiness and then asked "so what will you do to celebrate?"  or worse, "what are you going to give him/her?"  Being the not so gifty gift givers we are this falls dead on us.  Uuuuuhhhh, a hug and kiss?  Should I throw in a high five?   Low five?  Too casual?   Maybe I'll status it on facebook!    

We are going to a movie tonight ...  Unrelated to the anniversary.  But we feel like we have to exaggerate to make it seem like going to a matinee showing of Star Trek just the two of us AND our new born son is the romantic evening we planned to commemorate our marriage.  Let's be honest, pretending this is special only makes me feel bad that we don't make it special.  You know?  So I did the one natural thing in this situ.  I googled "origin of anniversaries."  And you know what?!  Dis biz-nasty has been around since the origin of los homo sapiens!   Even before the creation of calendars there is evidence of group celebrations and time tracking to commemorate certain events.  Don't believe this... look in the bible, it even mentions everyone's birth, because it was apparently something important enough to be tracked.   

So now, the special anniversary dinner I have over-thought myself into cooking on Sunday will be brought to you by wiki answers.   I expect a representative here to clean my kitchen after.  Thank you in advance. 


Speaking of googling things if you are bored I highly recommend googling the history of bras.  Candy for your boredom or midnight nursing entertainment needs.   I'm not even being facetious at all.  It's got me filling deaf ears with useless trivia and social structures created by the corsets for weeks now!   One of our extremely brilliant and wise friends followed Someone Else in this Marriage's complaints about my bra history ramblings with an excellent question, "Dude, your wife wants to talk to you about breasts and bras and you have a problem with this because...???" 


Speaking of ramblings...  we have quite the up and coming chatter box in the ranks!  

This is the most gentle he has been with his baby brother in exactly 6 weeks, 3 days and 14 hours. 


It is a very good thing Sam is um, big boned.  He wouldn't last a day as the 3rd brother in this rough house without some padding.  The roughest cow poke in our clan is surprisingly tender hearted with his fellow blondie.  After begging and begging for the last 6 weeks, 3 days and 14 hours to show his brother the train park I mustered the courage to take the whole crew to the train park, in 100 degree weather and attempt to ride on an open moving amusement ride alone 1:4 which should count as 1:8 because toddler boys and very young girl count as double.  

But we made it.  Safely.  Happily.  Unstressfully.

And without unsolicited neighborly advice!  I even had one park going dad comment, "4 kids!  Wow, you make it look so easy..."  Ha!!  Um, wow, glad my cloistering for the past few weeks taught my children to have excellent behavior on our first major solo debut if they ever wanted to leave the confining walls of this house ever again.  


   Do you think you can determine birth order by bath frequency?  I do.  This is from Sam's 4th bath ever, taken yesterday when he was 6 weeks, 3 days and 20 hours old....


Bash seems to be lacking in screen time this month, so I'll leave you all with this smilishous salutation:

I dare you to say he's not adorable!

So happy to be joining Jen!


  1. You can definitely tell birth order by bath frequency! That cracked me up. I've taken to recycling the bath water and throwing my youngest in when her brother is done just because I otherwise don't remember. She probably comes out dirtier, but oh well.

    1. Recycling bath water!! Love it! We have been known to call it as good as clean if they've at least gone swimming that day :)