Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I got a promotion!

Not me... there's no greater promotion than mother... I'm pretty happy with my benefits package, but the pay is lousy...

Sorry, back on track.

It is Little Ms Growing too fast who had her preschool promotion this morning

Walking out of her classroom for the last time
May 15, 2013

Walking out of her classroom for the first time
Sept. 4, 2012

Last night when I asked her what her favorite part of preschool was she said journaling (apple doesn't fall far from my tree...), painting and getting it all over her face, and playing in the mud on the playground (that part was from Daddy's tree).  

She wasn't as upset as I thought to say goodbye.  I always get/got kinda sad at the end of school years or any goodbyes for that matter.  

It's probably because I am not a hugger.  

Goodbyes involve hugs... can't do that.  What if one of us smells?  What if you happen to be exactly chest height on me (like most people)?   Awwwwwkward.   It's not easy to hug a tall woman, I'll spare you with a smile and distant wave. 

Back to Sienna, who is a better upgraded version of her mother and DOES like hugging and has no problems with goodbyes.  

She strutted right on down the aisle ready for her moment. 

One of the teachers didn't read her names in alphabetical order... what was she thinking??  How can parents prepare to take pictures?? How do you know when to start watching again?

Thank you Miss Dulce for alphabetizing our class!  

Sienna also appreciated it and caught on when she arrived to our letter...

She jumped up for the hand shake before the "-er" left Dulce's lips

Then whipped right back around to take her seat again (she took practice verrrry seriously). 

"Wait, stop so your mom can get a picture." Thank you Miss Dulce, who doesn't pretend this entire show isn't basically about getting this one single picture! 

We celebrated after with cake next to our best friends from school. 

Such a lovely bunch of coconuts standing in a row

Cell phone shot for Daddy who was there "in spirit" 

We're so proud of the little lady you are becoming!   We fall more and more in love with you ever day! 


  1. Aaaw, this is so sweet to see! I had a preschool grad this year too but she didn't get to go through the ceremony because of thge stomach flu - so sad!

    And I laughed out loud at the hugging thing. I'm six feet tall so...YES. :)

    1. Thank you so much for reading!! Bummer you had to miss the preschool grad ceremony... hopefully she wasn't too upset.

      I didn't know you were 6' tall too!! From one 6' taller to another, I'm sure you'll appreciate the compliment that it doesn't look like you're that tall in your reality show :) I was betting on gracefully 5'9ish tall and slender. You carry it well!