Thursday, May 23, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday vol 12

Hello out there, I'm writing in from Sleepless in Arizona.  I had an epiphany I'd like to share with our live cyber audience.

I now know why babies cry when they wake up from naps... they're mad they feel asleep and ruined their reputations of not wanting to sleep when they're supposed to and all.  But at least what he lacks in sleeping patterns he makes up for in moobs. 


Speaking of when we wake up from naps.... we've been auditioning for The Biggest Baby or So You Think You Can Cry around 3:30-4:30 pm daily at this house.  Which is why I spend most of my time between the hours of woke-up-from-nap o'clock to time-to-scramble-the-house-back-together-before-daddy-walks-in-the-door o'clock defying the usual lap space to child ratio laws.


I'd like to take this halfway point to apologize for the especially blurry iphone pictures.  I did have a "wow, I officially dress like a mom who thinks she doesn't and I'm almost middle aged" moment this week, but I had no idea I was so close to losing my eye sight.  The pictures didn't seem THIS bad when I took them...  Maybe you should just read my blog on your cell phone to make this all better. 
Speaking of eye sight. 

He only wears both at the same time. Never just one pair.

Maybe he is secretly a Monster Bash.  It's subtle, but did cha see what I did there?   Monsters have eyes on their foreheads.  And Monster Mash is a cool (to some) song and Bash thinks he's cool (to some) by doing this.  Ok, I'm losing more than my vision.  I think I need to buy a sports car.


Speaking of cool to some.... Sienna keeps asking begging me to youtube hair tutorial videos ever since she caught me watching a messy bun tutorial (don't ask why).  Anyway, she's been devoutly praciting doing her own hair...

Could be worse.  And believe me, it usually is, so I snapped a picture of her first noteworthy piggies. 


On other news of noteworthy self help achievements, Jonah has been waking up and getting himself dressed before coming to get me at 5:45 summerisroughforsleep AM. 

Did you read the little crammed together SUMMER I had in there? 

Just in case you share Jonah's interpretation of early summer here in Arizona, allow me to redirect your thinking by highlighting a few observations for you:  High 90s, rubber soles melting to the pavement as you walk, we could be out swimming by the time breakfast is over.... most people barely wearing clothing.... 

Except Jonah. Who is wearing more clothing than a meat packer. And seems to be content with his choice of one long sleeved shirt under one wool sweater, topped off with one sweater shirt, paired with dress socks and finalized with any mismatching shorts he can find. 

When I asked if his outfit was a little overkill he replied "Dats ok if I wear dis mom, the sweatshirt is for inside in case it's too coldy while I drink my milk."

Well, at least it was premeditated. 

Conversely, Bash prefers to go al naturale this time of year.  He does frequently accesorize his nudey booty with a peach popsicle snotsicle. 

I think the look works for him.  And I haven't heard a single neighborly complaint yet.

As always I'm joing up with OMG Jen who is being published by Ignatius Press!!!  I can't wait to see what her QTs are this week... I'm expecting a lot of wooting and cheering and dancing around and signing her own autographs and all the rightful celebrating she's entitled to after this year!!

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