Friday, May 10, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday Vol 10

Wait for me!!!  I can't believe I came thisclose to forgetting all about 7QTF, but like I'd intentionally miss hanging out with Jen??


Happy belated May the Fourth be with you day!  

I married Hubby Wan Kenobi.  

I didn't know it when I said "I do" but what I signed up for was a lifetime of  Star Wars (and Trek) replays.  

It did somehow escape our dating that I had never actually seen Star Wars or Star Trek before... actually, I just saw Star Wars for the first time last year... but anyway, apparently there is a Treky/Star Wars gene that Jonah got an entire extra chromosome of.... I'm not sure which one is a bigger fan him or Hubby Wan. 

Observe the melt down after I accidentally called him Luke Skywalker.  

"NO! I said am NOT Luke Skywalker!  I am Darth Vader. No more pictures Stinky Mommy."

For the record, he does not get away with calling me "Stinky Mommy" but a quote is a quote and I will not misrepresent my children on this blog.   He was punished. I almost made him take off his Star Wars shirt, but then Daddy would've had a meltdown too when he got home if Jonah wasn't wearing it... 


I had Jonah Vader help me dress little Yoda the other day and of course he always picks the fireman outfit he got to "buy him" from Target.  For those of you who don't know the wonderful whiny, british accented Fireman Sam cartoon on Netflix like we do, let me just tell you that it's Jonah's favie favorite.  Sometimes we hear him asking to watch it in his sleep.  I blame the british accent.  I was the same way with Downton Abbey.

When our Sam (please, for the love, not to be confused with thee Fireman Sam) wears his outfit Jonah likes to take pictures of him on my phone.  This week he decided to spring for some props.

Being the mother, I'm sure I found this much cuter than you all will, so when Jonah asked to try his hat on Samuel I was an easy sell. 

Does my safety hat make my nostrils look big to you?   I thought so too. 


Yesterday Samuel and I went to Sienna's school for Muffins for Mom.  That's his head in my wrap, not my hairy chest showing.  

Do you love the lovely not sombrero and jewelful pendant Sienna made me??

They also did the Mary crowing outside in the gorgeous garden the kids helped plant around the new Mary statue.  I didn't get a good picture of Sienna because everyone and their overly click happy mothers such as myself were distracting her... oh well, you get the point.  It was beautiful.  Had to be there.


Next week will be Sienna's last week of preschool!   I was realizing just today how grown up she is starting to look from only 8 months ago....

Her teacher asked them all this same question last week.... we've gone from Mommy to movie star...  at least when I asked her what a movie star was she admitted to not really knowing.

 Do good parents do some sort of preschool graduation hoorah?  It hadn't really occurred to me until my friend mentioned an incident of some sort that went on during one of her son's preschool graduation celebration they had planned later that night.  I just skimped on a birthday celebration for poor Bash, I'm not about to drop the ball twice in one post partum.  Any celebration ideas??


Speaking of Bash, he's here too, just too busy playing and talking my ear off for me to get many pictures these days!   Every night when I put him to sleep we now go through the irresistible routine that goes something like this:

"Good night boys, I love you, God Bless you." - Me

I walk out of the room and get 2 steps in front of my own door when I hear...

"WAIT!  Mom-Me!   Kish.  Peaz.  Mooor Kish." -Bash

I continue to my room... I know this game, he's the 3rd..

"WAIT!  Mom-Me!  I lou you!  I lou kish. Peaz!  I need Kish. Mom-me!!!"

I lou?  Really. He went there.  I'm screwed.  I turn around and give him more kishes.  Ten more times before he finally goes to sleep.


Speaking of sleeping Bash... look what the cool little dude snuck into his crib for nap yesterday...

I cannot wait to see how much fun this guy will be as an adult!  


It's been a busy week with my sick littles and a big home improvement project going on (more on that later.)   There is nothing as heart wrenching and scary has hearing your newborn up all night coughing and choking on his own snot.  We talked to his doctor and it seems to be ok as long as he doesn't have a fever... but even if it is I'm worried about him.

Say some prayers for us to get healthy over here!


  1. LOL.. I just found your blog & I have to say you are very talented ..
    your writings are right up there (or better ) then Erma Bombeck..

    very funny & so down to earth.. no pretense .. just true family life a busy mom..

    wonderful !

    1. Wow!! Thank you! Erma Bombeck... oh my goodness, not even close! She is hilarious!! I do think that might be the very best compliment I've even gotten even if there is no way it's true!