Monday, January 28, 2013

You're still my Baby Bashy

Somebody is growing up....

Growing up really fast!

Sebastian is at my favorite age so far (out of the 0-5 I've seen).  That sweet, loving, adorably curious and innocently daring age that I'm finally wise enough to realize does not last long enough.  You go from cute, easy, baby-baby phase where you get to see them grow and develop a lot, but now at this age is when you can practically watch their brains expanding as every single moment is an educational leap and bound!

Right now my barely 'Baby' Bashy is just old enough to interact with us and smart enough to surprise us with his inventive resourcefulness.  And at the same time he is still young enough to innocently stay close to his mommy in public, to gingerly look for permission before venturing into unknown discoveries and still whole heartedly willing, no needing, to snuggle and cuddle plenty of the day.

Or as Daddy so concisely puts it;  he's still too darn cute to get mad at the trouble he just barely knows he's getting into!

Ready or not, today we crossed a major threshold in leaving this precious age...

This afternoon as I sat on my bed hunting for the end of the internet, just thoroughly enjoying my silent, peaceful nap time, I hear the distinct pattering of tiny feet running toward my room.  Before I know it the most adorable, toothy grin of pure pride is peeking over the edge of my bed!

In a giggling effort he quickly climbs onto the footboard and lunges himself onto my bed.  He stammers toward me, barely able to stand from his overwhelming sense of accomplishments until he falls on top of me with the sweetest little-big hug in the whole.

The "snuggle-hug" lasts a quick minute.

Until he's off to grab the ipad laying beside me and demand "ELMO!"

And just like that, he isn't so much of a "Baby" Bashy anymore...

To make sure I got the message he was quick to climb up and actually somehow manage tuck himself under the covers of Jonah's bottom bunk bed while we were kneeling for our prayers.

Um... no... we made that mistake with Sienna when she was his age...  he can keep climbing for a while, we are NOT ready for a big boy bed just yet!

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