Sunday, January 13, 2013


For anyone who knows my husband they'll be the first to tell you that he is often misunderstand...

Maybe it's his stoic exterior.

Or perhaps that he often forgets to smile when he jokes or even when he thinks something is funny.

Ok, who am I kidding, I fell in love with full knowledge of his tactless, awkward and blunt-self and even thought every bit of it was all part of what made him right for me.

"Right for me" might be an understatement, because I cannot think of many wives that could handle these gems:

Monday- I made sweet potato fries for dinner, which all three kids and I devour with much gusto... Daddy on the other hand lets me know every time that does NOT care for them.  This particular evening I changed it up a bit by cutting them super thin and using a little tiny dash of cayenne pepper.  Hiding my smirk, I had to tell poor little Bash that he couldn't have any sweet potato fries because Daddy ate the whole batch more than he usually does. To that daddy replies (as he licks his fingers) "yeah, they're not as bad as they usually are."

Wednesday- "I'm tired of everyone being grouchy all the time! I listen to the kids complain all day about anything and nothing and then you come home and I know you're tired, but please just try to smile one time a day and maybe say a least one nice thing to or about me once every few days" -my pregnancy hormones whine at my equally drained husband.... to this he jumps back with "How can you say that?! I compliment you all the time! The other night I just complimented you on your sweet potato fries!!"

Yup, "not as bad as they usually are" is as good as it gets for me from Smooth Operator...

Friday- as Jonah tries to low crawl into his secret hiding place Daddy tells him "Jonah, your bottom is getting really, really big, I don't think you're going to be able to do stuff like that with that thing." Thank God it was Jonah who usually half listens to anything said to him the first two times anyway.

Saturday- We're all exhausted and desperate for the heroic Daddy to get home earlier than expected to make Jonah's boo boo and Mommy's traumatic day all better... We hear the much anticipated car pull in and run to the door to tell him our woes. He skips Jonah completely and takes one look at me and says "ugh, why haven't you put eye make up on all day today?"

Uh, because I didn't have time to worry about that between emergency visits and taking care of a wounded child... Sorry to look "tired" for you Dear!

Good thing he makes for some pretty nice arm candy!

Ok, he also does my floors for me with his shirt off when my sciatica is really bad. Yeah, he's not as heartless as he could be. Wink, wink :)

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