Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Just Jonah

I just can't get enough of my rambunctious little Jonah these days. He has the power to make me want to pull out my hair and smoother him with kisses all at the same time.

 It's a very confusing feeling for a poor mother to handle!!

He's really starting to come up with his own ideas of the world and repeating everything he hears like a tape recorder. Sometimes he blows us away with his surprisingly, perfectly appropriate delivery of a one-liner he heard on a movie or somewhere else to a random situation.


"Jonah, it's time for bed..." - Me
"Save me Gater-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope!" -Jonah to his beloved lovey, Gator.

"No Mom, I can't do it, because I've already seen the Dark Side" -Jonah about whatever he doesn't want to do a thousand times a day...

Transcript from a passionately gigglely pre-bedtime sword fight match with Sienna:
"I will defeat you! Drop your sword!" -Sienna to Jonah
"Both of you drop your swords! Go get ready, it's bathtime!" -Daddy to both kids
"Sienna! Drop your undies!" -Jonah to his sister...

("Save that one for college buddy") -Daddy, under his breath to Mommy... I mean really, not that we'd encourage that in college, but it is funny to imagine if he is coming up with that now... we're in trouble...

"Jonah, you have to paint gently with water colors! If you keep pressing so hard you're going to keep pushing right through your paper." -me to my raging artist
"I can't Mom, my muscles are too big." -Jonah

"Jonah, I love you to the moon and back!!  And  I love you faster than the fastest rocket ship ever blasted!!  That's a lot!!"   -me
"Oh great! Thanks!"  -Jonah


  1. Jess, these stories are awesome! I darn near got chocked up on every post and I definitely laughed out loud on each one. You're such a good mama - i hope you'll teach me your ways one day.

    Oh and just so all you other faithful Jessi followers know - this is my big sister. :D

    1. Aw shucks! And by faithful Jessi followers you mean basically the rest of our family?? :)