Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Exploring a doctor visit

From a 5 year old's perspective...

Lately, Sienna's incentive for having good behavior is to go all alone with just Mommy to my OB visits.

She loves this time!  Contrary, to her reaction to the pending arrival of a 3rd brother....

(It took some time, but she's agreed to still love him even though he's a boy)

I thought maybe she liked coming with me so much because she ooooohs and aaaaawes with me over the breath-takingly strong heartbeat and getting to see ultrasounds of her newest brother's cute little hands and his tiny little x-rayed nose.

But, no, I think the real reason is likely not so much related to the baby in my tummy at all... I'm starting to believe that she actually prefers the times when get stuck waiting around in the exam room and I inevitably relinquish free range of iphone playing to keep her entertained.

The self-portrait feature does the trick until the action begins!   

And then she transforms into doctor visit documentary extraordinaire....  

Carefully capturing her pregnant mother under the hot lamp of medical scrutiny over her uncontrolled breeding frenzy rendering a van load of offspring from the same two parents!  

Things start to heat up as the doctor releases trees worth of pamphlets explaining things Mommy hasn't heard since her last 3 pregnancies in 4 years... Sienna preserves the moment as Mommy leans in to politely feign interest in the always dreaded glucose test instructors.

In complete shock that my excitement over this seemingly delicious bottle of juice doesn't match hers she stops to document the subject in question. 

But wait, the doctor is back with the Fetal Doppler and it's time to show off the baby belly again! 

She quickly tosses me the camera and jumps to a sprawl right next to me on the exam table to rival my bulging 26 week tummy with her own tiny belly. 

Ok, maybe we do have a little fun together during these visits while no one is looking :)  

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