Wednesday, January 23, 2013

We're more alike than you think!

Before the sun even came up I knew exactly what was in store for today... my early morning bed visitor was releasing all the cues for a storm a brewin'.  I've had days like today before.  They happen.  I even spotted it in advance like I mentioned, so I was prepared and equipped to dip into my extra stash of bottled up patience to make it through...

My early morning bed visitor, Jonah was also equally equipped with his extra reserve of loud and stubborn to unleash on me today just to make sure I knew who was really more prepared to have their way here.   Before he opened his stubborn little eyes he set his mind on disagreeing with whatever crossed his path no matter what!

"Jonah, can we snuggle for one minute and then would you like me to go downstairs with you and make waffles for breakfast today?"  

"NO!  I don't want to snuggle.  I want to go downstairs now.  I don't want waffles.  I want cereal."  

I've been down this waffle refusing path... when you refuse your favorite breakfast and you're 3 years old it usually means you shouldn't be messed with.   So using my extra patience super power for the day, I didn't correct his demanding tone and instead tried to stay a step ahead by making sure he had his favorite blue bowl to ultimately not eat his cereal out of...

"I don't want the blue bowl. It's dirty.  I don't want to eat today.  These dishes are all dirty."  He screams while dramatically slamming the steamingly CLEAN dishwasher door shut again and storms to off to torture our poor dog with his aggressive climbing/cuddling on top of him.  

Sienna, now downstairs too seizes the moment, like all wise siblings do, to be extra especially good to make sure I notice and appreciate how wonderful she is in comparison.  I see right through it.  I was master of this game. But I'll take it.  Her dramatically sweet "Thank you so much for pouring my milk, Mommy.  I love eating cereal out of any bowl you give me," wasn't unappreciated.  

Bash just quietly continues as his Bashy peaceful self wearing more oatmeal than he consumes, but adorably loving every minute of feeding himself like a big boy. 

Until... Jonah decides Bash is making a huge mess and he must put an end to the disorder!   He stampers up, grabs the oatmeal from under his spoon and holds it high into the air as he scolds his brother for making a mess.  The dog sees his payment for indulging Jonah's wrath and happily cleans the bowl being held directly at canine nose level. 

Crying breaks out all around.   

I swallow my first bite of perfectly milked cereal realizing the rest will likely be soggy and gross by the time I finish damage controlling the situation with my rapidly emptying reserve of early morning patience.

Then, just before I resorted to angry mommy it hit me like a saving grace!

I get it. 

I get them.  

I know how they feel and why they're doing this to me!! 

You see, being pregnant has given me the gift to understand my children better.  Why didn't I realize this before?   

Much like my toddlers, I too have suddenly become a picky, yet impatiently demanding eater.  

In fact, my over indulgence in sweets and foods that will ultimately make me feel much worse rivals any child's! 

Similarly, I also have limited control of my emotions and outbursts.  

My need for sleep and reaction when deprived of it for long periods of time is strikingly paralleled to theirs. 

Come to think of it, I'm also growing out of clothes just as fast as they do too.  I never realized how that must make them feel... just when a shirt becomes your favorite... poof... it's too small!   

It makes so much sense that I joyfully grab my grumpy little man, momentarily forget all about my back hurting and swing him all around the living room.   He is so shocked by this display and no longer seen physical ability that he starts laughing hysterically.   

Bash, always willing to join in laughing starts in too.  Sienna is so confused she starts laughing too. 

Just like a pregnant momma's hormone, our day has gone from downright awful to still a little tiny bit of grumpy, but also a little tiny bit of goofy and a lot of understanding and loving. 

And at the end of the day, just as I suspected, Jonah proved that while he fought it as hard as he could all he really needed was a few more minutes of sleep this morning and our day couldn't been so different.  

But then I would've never gotten this rare moment after dinner of completely relaxed, struggle free, all loving snuggle that ended with dozing off right there in the middle of a restaurant on my shoulder after a gentle whisper saying "I really love you Mommy."

All he needed was a little extra love and some understanding.  

Don't we all on days like today??  


  1. I LOVE your new blog, Jessica. Every story is a perfect reminder of why I am a mother, instead of working somewhere.
    And this post! Isn't a little extra love and some understanding a perfect cure to so many of the world's ill? =)

    1. Thanks so much!! I'm really glad you're reading along!!