Saturday, January 12, 2013

Another flesh wound

Daddy is off exploring the great outdoors this weekend, so naturally we couldn't have a relaxing, uneventful weekend...

Nope, in fact, Daddy hadn't even been out of the house for a full hour before a distinct, deep and stomach dropping cry rang through the house.

Grandma was staying the night to help me this morning and apparently Jonah was so excited to wake her up that when he tried to climb (likely "jump") on the bed he slipped and hit his eye brow on the metal bed frame base thingy.

My mom brought him into my room likely worse for wear than my tough little soldier. I calmly wiped away his blood and tears, cleaned him with a tiny bit of soapy water and fixed him up with a heavy spread of ointment and his favorite Cars bandaid.

He might not look happy per say, but at least he's not crying anymore!

Plus, I gotta stop and give myself credit here... Calm, relaxed, and quick on her feet, Dr. Pregnant Momma is totally keeping her cookies and has this under control!

Next, I ushered the kids and my mom downstairs for breakfast to quickly get past this bump in our day. I had big plans of running one tiny errand alone to buy Sienna's birthday present while my mom watched the littles and then coming home to pick up the big kids for a super extra special date with just mommy to go see a movie at the theater!  Now this is a big deal, so you know, we can't let a little blood slow us down.

Just before leaving I think to myself "Maybe I'll try a dab of surgical glue and butterfly bandages before we go to be sure it closes up nicely."

Can you tell I've been down this road before?   I totally know what the doctors would say!   I almost went to medical school after all.  Plus, I watch tv shows with doctors doing this stuff.  Sure, I can just handle this at home.  I will not exaggerate the severity of the wound.   Its really no thing, ER is far too dramatic. Yeah, that's right, see, we totally should skip the deadly ER during flu season and not blow this out of proportion.  I can't stand being accused of exaggerating and this will not be one of those times!

Kids are dressed and excited for the movies! Ok, let's go, but really quick I will just check on it one more time and get it all cleaned up with a new bandaid so we can carry on with our special day.

I peel away the bandaid from his sweet golden eyebrows and immediately yell to my mom to load the kids in the car... This definitely needs stitches and I've made my poor baby wait almost four hours with a gaping flesh wound on his face!!!  There's no time for negotiating who gets to go and who stays, we're all about to walk out the door anyway,  hurry, we'll all just go, GET IN THE CAR!!

I'm a terrible pregnant not-doctor momma.  And I'm still not exaggerating.

My whole baby crew, my mom and I get to Urgent Care around 10:40 am, because I still maintain the ER this time of year is basically a guaranteed death wish and I will avoid it until limbs are hanging off.

After what felt like an eternity, but was really just an hour and a half we were finally prepped and ready for repair.

At first the whole crew was in the room but the look on Sienna's and Bash's faces when Jonah got his first anesthetic shot was enough to convince my mom that she should probably leave the room. With tears in her eyes on the way out Sienna said "I don't want Jonah to get stitches, it feels like I'm getting stitches too."

Now that my heart is breaking every which way, my stomach is twisting and my arms are desperately aching to scoop up my sobbing baby boy, all I can think about is how much I want for his little lip to stop quivering and his pain to be taken away.

This isn't my first time with emergency visits and I know it won't be my last. In my mind I know the pain of seeing your babies suffering and having to use all your strength to help pin them down to the cold, scary hospital bed for the doctors to poke, prod and stitch them up are far worse on the mommy than on the child, but somehow that really doesn't change anything at all... I still feel equally as sick every.single.time.

Tired, swollen and hungry we headed home.  The movies will have to wait for another day.  In the meantime, I'll be the first one to join the kids in saying we just hope Daddy hurries home.

From Jonah's first emergency visit two years before almost to the date... I think we'll have to start enforcing safety goggles this time of year.

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  1. Oh boy Jess, that is quite the adventure. I can only imagine how you felt pinning that boy down to get the shots and stiches. It breaks my heart to even think about it. I tear up with Elijah is crying hard because he doesn't feel good, I can't imagine how wet my face would be going through something like that. OY!
    Hang in there mommy, and thank god Georgi was there to help!