Saturday, July 27, 2013

Support head well!

So this whole blogging every day thing does sorta become habit forming... I was pretty sure I was done and then this thing happened to me today and all I kept thinking was how I wanted to get home and write about it!  

Today wasn't my birthday.  There is no flying bacon outside my window.  I'm also pretty sure it's not snowing in July.

But somehow I negotiated my way into sneaking off for the afternoon all alone to get a pedicure, perhaps a deliciously cold iced tea and a stroll through a few clothing stores.  Did I also mention I didn't even have to take Sam?  

I better check my drivers license... maybe it is my birthday?

Anyway, so I went back to my new favorite pedi place that is only $23 including a hot stone massage and callus scrub.  No I will not share it's location lest they become popular and up the ante.  Although, you might have to tell me after reading this post if it's time to find a new nail place again....

I first tried this salon for my sister's bachelorette staycation in Scottsdale.  I meant to blog about it because it was super fun, but I didn't, so in a nut shell (if I'm even capable of "nut shell" recaps):

  • We stayed at a fancy hotel for "sizzlin' summer prices" and ate fancy dinner
  • I kept it fresh by bringing my newborn baby to a bachelorette party
  • We went out on the town (sans newborn) 
  • I felt extremely old and frumpy
  • We ate specially shaped cookies and drank from specially shaped straws 
  • Last important point was when I brought my newborn baby to get manis and pedis.....  

Our mini chip n' dale was still sleeping in his car seat when we got to the nail salon, so my plan was to leave him in there.  However, all the ladies were so happy to see a new baby they kept wanting to touch him, so I thought better of it and decided after my feet were already soaking to try to take him out.  My sister's nail person (what's PC for this?)  (never mind, I'm rarely PC) wanted to help:

Nail lady-  "I hold seat for you"
Me- "Ok, thanks, I can actually do it easier if you leave the seat on-"
Nail lady- "No, I hold up. You take out."
Me- "Ok, yes, I guess thanks that works." 
Sam-  Scrunches up into the adorable 2 month old yawn and baby stretch
Me-  Carefully twist my stretching baby out of his buckles
Nail Lady- "Support head good. Support head good!"
Me- Carefully pull Sam closer to me
Me- Lay Sam on my chest
Nail Lady- "Dis your first baby. Have to support head. Very fragile. Support head.  Head not strong. I show you. Let me hold."
Me- "Oh thanks, he's actually really good at holding up his head already, especially while he stretches like that."
Nail Lady- "No, no. Have to support head. First baby. I teach you. I have 2 baby."
My sister- "Oh, she knows, this is her 4th baby."
Nail Lady- "First baby."
Me- "One, two, three, fourth baby. I have 4 children."
Nail Lady- "Ooooh. Well you know head fragile."

Dead awkward silence

Nail Lady- ()#%&# !#% #@%  (Angry smack talk in foreign language to other nail ladies about dumb girl whose baby's head is going to roll off for the remainder of our stay)

The rest of the weekend we laughed plenty about this exchange and felt so bad for the poor Nail Lady who must have felt embarrassed right?

It was the best pedicure I've had in a long time and the price was right.  Also, that little thing was no big D.  I doubt they'd even remember.  Right?

But just in case when I walked in today I carefully looked around to see if the same woman was there.

She wasn't!


Another woman invited me to sit in her chair and started massaging away until:

New Nail Lady-  "You here before. You have new baby?"
Me-  "uuuuh, yes, um once before."
New Nail Lady- "I know you.  New baby. You sat there. I work on other side. I heard baby. So cute."
New Nail Lady- "Baby no cry."
Me- "No, he's such a good baby!  He's very easy going."
New Nail Lady- "You still have baby?"

Nooooo I don't have him any more.
His head rolled off?
Say whaaaaa???
That can't be what she said!

To be fair, I had a very difficult time understanding New Nail Lady and she did say "So cute."  That's nice right?  Maybe she meant did I bring him with me?   I did however notice that my massage was significantly shorter than the last time and she didn't use hot towels....

The begs the question, is it time to find a new nail salon?!  


  1. Why you so funny?! Omg you are cracking me on the train home, making me look like an idiot. I love it!!!

    1. Hahaha, I actually thought that you might enjoy this one, Kristin!! I knew you'd get the accent in your head best of all!

  2. This was hilarious!! Why do I not check your blog all the time?? Officially doing it. -Lauren (in case you're wondering...from nwfs :))

    1. Ooooh yay!! Yes, please, do stop by!!