Tuesday, July 16, 2013

7 quick takes vol 18


I'm on a romantic get away with a little ray of Samshine for most of this week in St Louis, MO at the National Association of Catholic Family Life Ministers conference (NACFLM). 


True to the fully embraced SAHM (stay at home mom) career I've grown so comfortably into, I feel quite fancy and important being here!  At the airport I had to work real hard to stop from announcing on a loud speaker something along the lines of "yes, I'm on a business trip, as in going away to my work conference, as in a gathering of experts in their fields who are adults and even paid to share resources and opinions."  

But you're bringing your baby?  That can't be a real job. 

And you're right... It's me bringing home the bacon bits... And while I am techinically sent here by my employer to present our SymptoPro Fertility Education online NFP course, I gotta be honest, being away with just one baby doing pretty much anything is a VACATION!!!


I've never been to St Louis before and I've gotta say I haven't had to venture much beyond a 1/2 mile radius of the hotel to be impressed! This is the view from the parking lot of the hotel... 

I did take the tour to the top, but now that, that was an adventure for another post! 


With the time change and no one to beg me to prepare food at 5:30 on the dot, I sorta forgot to eat dinner the first night until close to 9:00!  So a fellow NFP-er and I (plus my 1 perfectly content baby) ventured out to find this awesome jazz club where I enhaled the most delicious sauteed shrimp grinder and Cajun French fries I've ever had in my life!  Ok, this could've been extreme hunger reporting, but the point is life was good, very good.


On other exciting news for the first time ever I master the previously mysterious art of nursing a baby in an Ergo carrier!  I did it folks! And I even walked around in public doing it!  Is there a place I haven't breast fed a child in?  I think not. 


Naturally, the minute I get away from my kids all I can do is think and talk about my kids.  It's ok, it's part of the refreshing and getting myself to the point of missing them. Magically, I usually forget all the moments I was thisclose to locking myself in a closet and all I can recall is the adorable way Jonah said he was going to miss me like superman when I said goodbye.  Or how Sienna got teary eyed every single time she talked about me leaving for an entire week before I left and how she said not to worry, she'd tell everyone how to take care of the boys for me. And how I can hear her in my head doing just that! Or how Bash ran from the other end of the house to say goodbye to me when I was sure he wouldn't notice me sneaking out and said "I Lou you too" before I could say "I love you" first. 

And of course once I'm actually gone they're happy as could be and hardly stop to say good night on the phone... But I'll just keeping telling myself  they crying for me on the inside. 


Being here has been amazing. I've been beyond blessed in many ways. Being around all these holy leaders makes me feel inspired, refreshed and humbled. At first I was worried about coming alone with a baby to conference I have to present at!!  What if he cries during the exhibit time?  How will I find someone to hold him while I present? What if I have to leave to take care of him? Is that ok to do?  Now that we're here it's been so much easier than I thought and I can't imagine not having him with me. So many arms are reaching for my sweet Samuel. He's been scooped up by adoring priests walking by, snuggled by many other parents away from their own children and loved by everyone who spies the baby in the crowd. Babies are a precious gifts to all of us! Not just the mothers and fathers. I'm so glad I can share the joy in he sweet newness while it is just barely still there!  

If you're not quite with me on this mushy vacation, daily mass going all inspired high... I'm sorry, I'm sure I'll be back to my overwhelmed self by the time I post again! 

Now I'll go see about linking up with Jen while blogging from a cell phone! 

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