Friday, July 12, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday Vol 17


Can I be honest?  Cause I'm gonna be honest.  This week was rouuuuuugh.  It started off with such great promise with our renewed baptismal vows and deliciously chrism-ed, newly Catholic baby.  But as the chrism smell slowly wore off so did my naive expectations for an easy moderately manageable week after 5 straight days of 24/7 duel parenting.  I actually feel a little s-t-u-p-i-d (because we still only spell that word 'round here) that it's taken me until typing these 7QTF to realize that Daddy's 5 straight days off work is likely why I've struggled to regain authority and re-set boundaries all week.  Whatever the reason, my kids are quite lucky I have extra padding on my praying knees, because let me tell you, a certain 3 year old who we can refer to as Fee-fi-fo-monah is lucky to have survived with the high powered whine, tantrums and potty talking he threw my way hourly this week!  


Fortunately, like any wise sibling, Sienna seems to know when it's her opportunity shine.  Atrociously trying behavior from Fee-fi-fo-monah only requires moderately sweet behavior on her behalf for me to consider her a saint and martyr by comparison.  So by the grace of sibling rivalry  mostly God, Sienna has helped me more this week than should be allowed from someone with a mere 5 years in this world. Somedays I think she's better at persuading her brothers into doing things they don't want to do than I am.  Let me illustrate with a little parking lot melt down example:

Jonah-  "NO Mom!  I cannot walk any more.  It's too hot. The car is too far for me to walk."

Me- "For the love of 117 degrees Fahrenheit please just hurry up and get to the car a whole 15 feet away!!!"

Jonah- "NOOOOOOO!!!!  I said. I. Am. Too. Tired. Of. Walking."

Sister- "I'm too tired to walk too Jonah, let's run instead!"

Jonah- "Ok Ena!  I'm gonna win than you!"

Me- "Sienna, you wanna drive home?"  

Just kidding.  I only let her drive when I've been drinking.  Oooooh double kidding!  I don't have enough energy to drink these days.


So in exchange for Sienna rescuing her burned out mother all week I've been entertaining her requests for baptism stories over and over and over again.  Finally I asked if she wanted to see pictures and that little girl after my own heart excitedly said, "Of course I do Silly!!"  Allow me to spend the remainder of these 7QTs in my happy place for this week..... baptism stories!


Sebastian's baptism is the most recent one Sienna remembers before Sam's.  She was actually baptized in this same church in downtown Portland, Holy Rosary. 

Sienna already knows all about his godfamily, so no story telling needed for her sake, but because we love them so much I'll tell you all about them anyway.  They flew all the way up to Portland for us to be there for the ceremony.  If that wasn't enough to profess their love and dedication to their newest godson I don't know what is?!  Their girls may not look it in this picture, but I'm also not sure my own kids were as excited about Baby Bashy as these two were!  They still love him like the mini mommies they love to be to this day.  


Jonah was baptized at St Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church here in Phoenix close to my birthday.  My in laws were able to fly all the way here to be there for his special day!   We were also so honored that the Z family agreed to be godparents for Jonah.  I'll never forget how giddy we felt asking them.  How should we pop the question?  Is this godparenting or marriage?  What if they say no?  What if they already have too many godchildren?  Ok, we never thought that one (totally isn't possible to have too many), but they definitely could've said no to us.

Not only did they accept, but turned around a few months later and asked us to be the godparents of the sweet little girl growing in her belly!!  We are doubly bonded to this beautiful family 'til heaven and back!

Our lovely goddaughter, Lainey Elizabeth!  


And now Sienna's turn.... 

Oh she's so excited!

Hurry Mom, hurry!  Let's see the pictures already!

(She's helping me write this if you didn't gather...) 

Oh wait, did I tell you that a few days before you were baptized we went to your godbrother, Wolfie's baptism?   Wanna see those pictures first?

One of Kevin's friends who he grew up with asked us to be godparents of their second son who was being baptized in Portland the same week as Sienna's!  He will always have a special place in our hearts as our first godson!  I didn't know them very well at the time, but through the years and rendezvous all over the US I always leave wishing they lived closer!!  


She simply can't wait any longer.

Once upon a time on a rainy day in Portland, OR, Sienna Clare was baptized by a dominican priest named Father Anthony at the same church her mommy and daddy were married in and the same church her future brother would one day be baptized in too.  Father Anthony was especially happy to baptize such a special little girl named after not just one, but two saints!  He made sure to tell us that St Catherine of Siena only had one "N," he thought we were naming you after a color!  But at least he didn't say minivan....

The morning of your baptism we woke up so excited for such an important day!  I freshly washed and ironed a brand new baptismal gown I bought just for our family.  You were the very first one to wear it.

We asked your daddy's youngest sister and oldest brotherto be your godparents.  Don't worry you really love them and were very happy to be baptized.... you just weren't too sure about being held by anyone but Mommy part.

And even when Mommy did hold you, you were a little mad that the baptism took so long.  You couldn't understand it at the time, but we'll never forget how Father Anthony gave the best baptism homily I've ever heard!  He told us all about the history of godparents and what it means to be a godparent. These are words that mommy and daddy think about everyday when we pray for our godchildren.

And from this day forth we promised to teach you everything we know about Jesus and how to grow up to be whatever He made you for!  If you ask me I think you're doing a very good job being you so far!


And juuuuust for kicks since I was so whinny before I'll throw out an extra take... I found this gem while digging through the old pics.  How's this for an awkward family photo... do I have cooties?  Ok, let's all sit for a picture, but I'll scoot as far over as possible and you just sit in that seat like the outcast you are.  Still not sure why he insisted that we sit down. I'm pretty sure it's because we used two "N's"...

Speaking of awkward... I call this one "All little humans in the middle."

Ooook, this is getting rather 7 8 LONG Takes Friday ish....  I think you're going to be late for Jen's much short, much happier, much less baptism over-loadier day! 

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  1. It was fun to see your family grow in pictures! You can just hear the popping sound each time a new kid enters a picture.

    Oh and we are facebook friends. We met once at Sara Doll's house and I have been reading your posts through your facebook links. It's too bad we don't live close together because all our kids (all 4) are nearly the same age!