Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Did you notice?

I did something a little new around here... did you notice?  Did you? Huh?  Huh?

I hope its not too fowl.  

Ok, promise, that was the first and last joke I'll quack.  Ah! Sorry, really.  Done.

I'm actually quite proud of this one!   My  sister  professional and talented graphic designer whipped it up for me in like 2 seconds.  Ok, it was probably little more than 2 seconds.  Point is, it was so fast I didn't even know how fast it was.  She actually drew the ducks too!!  She is amazing.  I thought of doing an entire post on her graphic design work, but she has her own blog and I'll just wait for her to do herself justice and link over for you all to see. 

So the ducks.  Why ducks?  It wasn't just for the joke possibilities, which are in fact endless.  I just liked the idea of the goofy little baby birds waddling behind Momma bird.  But it couldn't be just any bird. It had to be a slightly awkward definitely not graceful or smooth type of bird.  Have you ever seen a row of ducks crossing the road?  It feels like my life most days.  I love how traffic just stops for them to take forever to make their way safely.  That's us.  Everywhere we go we seem to turn heads, stop others in their path to make room as we ungracefully waddle through life in our own unique and beautiful path. 

From left to right, please meet Bash the Always Jumping on Something Duck.  Daddy (In the back Making Sure We Don't Lose Bash) Duck.  Jonah the Ready To Run Off to His Own March Duck.  Sienna the Happily Dancing Duck.  Baby Sam the Closely Following Mommy Duckling. And last, but not least, the (Only Slightly Shorter Than Daddy Duck) Mommy Duck.

What do you think?!

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  1. You and Kevin are a very ducky pair - calm and glassy on the surface no matter how much flapping you do to stay afloat. :) Thanks for the shout out, sister!