Friday, July 26, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday Vol 19


Yesterday got me thinking about how Bash is at the fun talking point where he's really learning to string together his thoughts in sentences and is excited to repeat new phrases.  Which, you know, is unfortunate considering Jonah's current obsession.  Luckily the mimicking of potty talk hasn't been too bad so far. Here's a good little taste of conversations with Bash-e:


Ok, ok, one more....

It's shorter, I promise.


This time of year is very near and dear to my heart.  Not because I sweat just thinking about going outside... but because we get to go back to school shopping!  Much like going trick o' treating, I've been very fortunate to have never missed a single year since I was 5 years old.  Before you click away from creepy creeper over here let me explain.  Ok, I don't have a good explanation for the treat o' treating.... I have no excuse, but if it makes it more socially acceptable I did start finding people with young children to go with once I hit college?  Eh?   Anyway, back to school supplies because this is a legit excuse!  I was a teacher for a few years and then I quickly made my own kids so I'd have to buy supplies even when they were 6 months old to, you know, stock up for them for later.   Sienna and I went over her list last night and I'm over come with pride seeing her match my excitement!


My sister was actually just telling me how her first conscious memory of recognizing sarcasm was over school supplies.  Our family has really dry senses of humor and recognizing sarcasm is a sort of survival skill 'round these parts.... She explained clearly remembering Dad looking at the stuff Mom bought and saying "Ah, another box of crayons? You're right, we need this. We don't have any crayons in this house."  My sweet, gullible sister said,  "Yeah, I kno-oooh."


Oh that takes me to another memory of my dad and sarcasm!   We were shopping at Target or somewhere and they had Candyland marked so low they were practically giving it away.  My dad says "Oh Candyland!  Now that's a great game to buy."  I rolled my eyes along and say "Oooh yeah!" And my then adult sister says, "Oh I know! I love Candyland, but it goes too fast."  Come to think of it, maybe she never picked up on that survival skill?   Maybe it's just the subject matter.  Candyland and school supplies are serious business.


We took the whole fam to browse around Target a few weeks ago.  I'd never been there before, so I thought I'd check it out.   I'd never been there before wearing a yellow shirt and thinking of the number 14.  Ok, fine.  We really had no good reason, but fortunately the hubs settled for "Just to get out of the house and see if there are any sales?"  Secretly my only motivation was to see if they have new school supplies out.  Maybe reduced Candylands for a certain Aunt we love so much?

If you were there I'm quite sure you would've spotted, heard or smelt us a mile away.  Bash had a dirty diaper.  Which is why no one would sit in the cart next to him.  Daddy kept saying he liked this arrangement better than doing pushing himself, but wondered if Sienna could push a little faster to keep up with Mommy (who was rapidly sneaking ahead to have time to browse the shoe clearance)?

No, but Jonah never has any trouble pushing and Daddy sure got what he asked for.


And there you have it readers, I made it all week posting every single day!  Can I say I'm proud of myself?  Because I am proud of myself.  When Jen suggested a link up for posting every single day for an entire week I thought hey, maybe it'll get me to post more than once a week.  I have to say I didn't think I'd make it, but I'm glad I did because I now have a whole new level of respect for bloggers like Grace who regularly blog every single day.  I like writing, I have no trouble rambling on and on and on about plenty of things but I have this much free time.  It's a miracle I can make dinner.  How do they do it all?!    

Thanks to Jen for the 7 posts idea and the 7 QTFs ideas.  I'm so impressed with some her posts this week, especially considering she has even less time than I do to blog every day.

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  1. Sienna has her school supply list? Why don't I have one? Hmmmm