Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend update

The baby factory was quite the happening place of excitement this weekend with a visit from Grandma and Grandpa!

Sebastian had the creative idea to kick off the festivities with a "Thirsty Thursday" pre-party during the delicately frantic moments before I had to leave the house alone with the boys for the first time in a few weeks to pick up Grandma and Grandpa from the airport.

You'll have to use your imagination for this one and forgive me for my inability to race for a camera to properly document the moment I realized my darling little 22 month old angel son had managed to climb on top of our kitchen counter to my freshly opened can of diet coke and not only pour it all over himself but also fling it around in the air until he successfully coated our entire kitchen in sticky, dark liquid.  Did I mention that stuff somehow reached every single tiny undiscovered inch of our kitchen?

Go ahead, finish laughing.

I would too if I weren't the bed resty soul working against the clock of extreme airport pick up lateness while struggling to clean up the splattered mess and making sure the boys didn't do further damage.

Yes, yes, of course I realize this was exactly what I deserve for drinking such fake-sugared, caffeinated poison while pregnant.

Thank you, I am quite aware I shouldn't leave him alone in the kitchen.

Naturally, I should be more cautious not to leave an opened can of anything 5 feet above the floor in case a daring young toddler should wonder into the room unattended.

You are quite right, just because a small child usually follows me out to the garage doesn't mean I shouldn't try to see for certain that he is by somehow peeking over the ridiculous mound of things I'm carrying in an attempt to minimize my back and forth trips all to protect my vulnerable unborn baby in utero.

No, really, I do agree, this is pretty funny!  And I won't even stop there, there's more train o' chaos ahead I promise!

Once both boys were in decently appearing, non-soda drenched clothes, securely tied down to their car seats with the windows rolled up to mask their screaming protests, I was wiping the sweat from my brow and ready to drive as unsafely as possible to get to the airport early enough to still make it back before I had to pick Sienna up from school...

But, wait, the garage door is somehow stuck open.


Now what?  Could I be any later to pick them up??

Well, even if I cave to my panic and call his parents begging them to just take a million dollar cab all the way to our house I still couldn't exactly leave our garage door open for 6 hours until Daddy gets home.

So, I did the only reasonable thing possible in my current state.

I miraculously managed to pull the 300+ lbs garage door shut praying with all my heart and soul that it didn't fall on top of me.

What can I say, maybe the prior textbook parenting over-sight doesn't mean I can't have some part of super mom in me even it if is fiercely strong muscles that only manifest when invitations for breaking and entering are at stake???

Well, we survived with a great story to tell and it was all worth the drama to have Grandma and Grandpa here for a few days!

I don't think any of us wanted them to leave....

Which wasn't exactly the only reason I skipped out on the airport trip the second time just in case.  


  1. I can't even laugh, I've been there too many times for it to be funny anymore. I think every time something like that happens it gets a little more annoying. =)

  2. Oh girl, isn't motherhood/life insane? Smiling with you only because I've been there. Take it easy and keep that baby in!!