Sunday, February 10, 2013

Taking care of Mommy

Soooo I may have accidently over done it activity wise the past two days...

I know the odds would've never suggested that as a possiblity, but it looks like it happened...

But now, the difference is that after being on bed rest for almost two weeks my body is very quick to let me know if I'm pushing too hard in any way.  Even though I had help from amazing friends and my mom the past two days while Daddy was busy, there was more running around and hauling kids around town than the previous 8 solid bed resty days entailed.

Finally, the good ol' baby machine said ENOUGH and yesterday early afternoon I got sick and gave poor Sienna and probably my mom a bit of a scare.  (I'm much better now though and this baby is happily kicking around none the wiser to it all!)
So yesterday while I was in my dark room trying to get back on track Sienna was having her quiet time.  Apparently, during this time she snuck craft stuff into her room and made me these precious get better pictures with all the things she knew would pull me right through. She presented them to me with a refilled water bottle and our real thermometer to make sure I didn't have a temperature.   

Be still my heart!!!

She explained them in detail to be sure I had the full effect:

"Mommy, this is you holding a balloon or a lollipop which ever makes you feel best and standing by a beautiful rainbow.  You're also wearing a nice purple dress and I did your hair really pretty."

"This is a magical, rainbow unicorn who is standing in front a TV with your favorite movie on it!  You can watch both of them if you want to!   The top part yellow is sunshine from Mr. Golden Sun to show you how much Jesus loves you.  Then I wrote our names really nicely for you!  See!  Look at my "J" for Jonah!  That's also you driving wherever you want in our van."

"Ok, here are lots of swirls for you, because I know you think I do a good job making swirls."
"Do you feel all better Mom??" 
Yes, yes, I absolutely do in so many ways! 

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