Thursday, February 14, 2013

Our favorite bed rest activities

Wrapping up week three of bed rest over at the baby growing factory!  Woot woot!

I never thought I'd survive the first few days, but here we are surviving three times that long and even having a little tiny bit fun here and there...

Shhhhh... don't tell anyone I'm not entirely miserable every second of this anymore... I mean it!   My reputation as a big baby is at stake here.

So what's it like so far?   Well, mostly stressful trying to rest with three   active   extremely active littles, but when it's not and we can manage to slow everyone down it's actually somewhat wonderful.

For example, after dinner most nights the boys will run around outside, which gives us girls quiet time to play bed rest together, which didn't take long to become my favorite time of day.  We cuddle up reading book after book until I sound like a muffled man from projecting my voice at an awkwardly reclined position.  When I can hardly talk anymore she'll sing songs to the baby and we watch him kick and kick at her.   He loves the sound of her voice!

Sometimes she'll let me practice new hair braids!   This is actually quite productive, since I started mothering a daughter with zero ability to make a decent french braid...

Ahem, I hope you notice that's not just a pig tail braid... yes, that would be a fancy fish tail... yes, yes, hold the applause.. I know, I did do that all by myself...  yes, only on the 6th try... I know, not to shabby a'tall now is it. 

Ok, fine, her hair still usually looks like Exhibit A  most days...

This is, by the way, the BEST part of bed rest so far!  

These motorized shopping carts are amazing! 

 I *had* to run to Target on Tuesday because I missed it so very much and couldn't bare the clearance items that were coming and going without me... I mean, because we really "needed" special Valentine's Day cards for Sienna's class.  What other options did we have when she cried upon realizing Daddy would just pick some out for her at the grocery store this week.  

Also, my Doctor's office is next to a Target, so it was really a justifiable outing in my opinion.  Besides, I walked all of 50 feet to the awesome motorized cart... come on now, I walk more than that wiping poopy bottoms all morning.   

Speaking of poopy bottoms... the boys visit me on the couch too.  I just have to wear full protective gear and a metal cage guarding my baby belly. 

Bash loves reading books with me too as long as I don't actually attempt to read the book.  He mostly prefers holding it and loudly pointing to all illustrations in his vocabulary. Which is fine by me, because it saves my voice for his many song requests that he ensures will be delivered at window shattering volumes by screaming along so loudly that he can't hear me singing unless I manage to mask his own voice.

Speaking of window piercing volumes... Jonah comes to visit too :)  

His patience for playing bed rest with me are limited to the time it takes to ask nicely to watch another Fireman Sam show...

We've been watching    a      w   h   o   l   e      l   o   t     of shows lately... 

But we're usually pretty over the top with our screen time restrictions, so we're telling ourselves that a whole lot to us is probably nothing compared to most children whose supposedly hindered brain development survives to pass kindergarten.

Plus, this is little guy only really likes shows for the quality snuggle time after naps.  

And I really do too :) 

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