Monday, September 30, 2013

Interview with a two year old

Up and coming conversationalist and nap time procrastinator, Sebastian Thomas is here with us to share all about his life as a toddler.  In his trademark raspy voice he ends his thoughtful responses with a question-like emphasis that leaves the listener wondering if he is informing or retorting.  Sebastian is known for his one sided dimple, general playfulness and overt preference for his Daddy.  Join me in welcoming this young toddler to the bloggy blog scene:

Me- "Can you tell us what your name is?"
Bash-  "Uuuum, Bashy?"

Me- "Can you say Sebastian?"
Bash- "Uuuuum,  Piderman?"

Me- "How old are you?"
Bash-  "Uuuuuum, good."
Bash- "Uuuuuum, Bashy?"

Me-  "Are you two?"
Bash- "Uuummmm, I toot."

Me-  "Where is your belly button?"
Bash- (quickly points to belly, pulls shirt back down and rolls over) "Right dere.  Don't eat mine riblets!" 

Me- "I won't eat your riblets if you can you can give Mommy kisses?"
Bash- "You kiss mine dimples"
Me- "Can you point to your dimples?"
Bash (points to cheek)- "YOU give kisses"

Me- "Do you like playing give kisses?"
Bash- "Play 'get you!'"

Me- "Ooook, you better run or I'm gonna get you and give you kisses!"
Bash-  "Weeee who!!  Dats pun!!  Don't get me!"

Me- "I got you!!  Can we play questions some more before you go nigh night?"
Bash- "Uuuuummmm, no.  Not right now. You play trains right dere {points to floor}."

Me- "Do you like playing trains with Mommy or Daddy?" 
Bash-  "Uummmm Daddy.  Daddy at work?"

Me- "Yes, Daddy is at work right now.  Where's Enna?"
Bash- "Uuuummm,  at 'skool" 

Me- "That's right!  Where is Jonah?"
Bash- "Uuuuummm, on bus"

Me- "Where is Baby Sam?"
Bash-  "Uuuuummm,  Stam's sweeeping upstairs."

Me- "Who is your best friend?  Jonah?  Baby Sam?"
Bash-  "Uuuuummm,  no, Lelo.  Right dere."

Me- "Where is Bash?"
Bash-  "Uuuuummm,  right dere (points to his closet mirror)." 

Me- "What is your favorite snack?"
Bash- "Uuuuuum, Jooonah's 'nack."
Me- "What IS Jonah's snack?"
Bash- "Jonah eat it?"
Me- "Do you just like to eat whatever Jonah is eating?"
Bash- "Yeeeesh."

Me- "Can you sing the Itsy Bitsy Spider for me?"
Bash- "You ting itsy pider!  Me sit on you lap."
Me- "...The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the water spo-"
Bash- "Shhh.  NO TING!  'Top!  No ting!"
Me- "Can you sing it then?"
Bash-  "Uuummmm, you ting it.  Nicely."

Me- "What is your favorite movie?"
Bash- "I want watch moomie right now. You get moomie right dere!  Yet's watch Nee-no!!"
Me-  "It's not time to watch a movie right now, I just want to know what movies you like to watch when it's time to."
Bash-  "Watch Nee-no!!!  Bashy watch Nee-no!  Right now."
Bash-  "I want watch Nee-no"
Bash- "Neee-no!  Neee-no right dere!"
Me-  "Sorry Sweetie, we aren't watching shows right now.  You have to go take your nappies first."
Bash-  "You go take mine nappies."

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