Friday, October 18, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday Vol 23 All about young love and superheroes

Soooo you may have not noticed, but it's been a while since we've partaken in the Quick Takes Party.   We have excuses.  We are becoming super heroes and falling into young love.   I'll explain....


Boy baby sat down next to girl baby.

Girl baby made the first move for the subtle hand hold. 

Boy boy knew just what to do. 

And then they were betrothed forever more.

Maybe he wasn't mature enough for his first play date after all. 

Or maybe I shouldn't have thrown a beautiful red head at my little rookie.


Speaking of Sam.   He turned 6 months this week so we went for a little well visit to the doctorski-poo.   All I have to say is this is a BIG boy.   The blame his in utero 'roid addiction.  I don't usually even pay attention to the percentile infantile competition propaganda, but when they practically extend the bell curve to accommodate the digits I start paying attention.   97th percentile.  Ninety-seventh percentile.  1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9!   His older brother by only and exactly 2 years is a mere 4" and 4lbs larger than he is.   

Bash, you have been warned.   Treat this one kindly.   


Except he can't.  For our poor frustrated batman kindness and understanding is simply not available. 

His super power climbing abilities have enabled him to escape crib captivity and defy the laws of sleep deprivation for far too many days in a row.   

If I could sum up my week with this one in a single adjective I'd go with "exhausted."  And that isn't describing Sebastian.  

Trying to keep a 2 year old superhero in a bed for naps and night time has tired me out beyond repair.  We're pulling out all the parenting tools, but this child WILL NOT STAY IN HIS BED! 


I suppose his partner in crime isn't exactly supporting our cause. The other toddler vigilante is thrilled that his superhero partner is out of jail.  Together, they enjoy keeping late night watch of their bedroom, jumping from tall objects and helping themselves to a crack of dawn yogurt while wearing ONLY their superhero undies. 

Did I mention that Sebastian isn't potty trained?   Add pee pee clean up to my morning routine if I dare sleep lightly enough to miss the early wake up parade.  


My recent week(s) may sound like doom and gloom with a sleep deprived, ornery Bash on the loose, but I've gotta be honest I do kiiiiiinda love listening to the brotherly shenanigans coming from their room at night.  They're conversations are hilarious.  They really think they're super heroes and to them stopping to sleep is simply not an option with so much adventure to be had.  Once they finally both fall asleep it's usually together either on the floor or in Jonah's bed.  And while I'm admitting to enjoying my misery, I also have say coming downstairs and seeing Jonah "take care" of his little brother (no matter how much extra work it created for me) melts my heart every time.   Allllllmost enough to let the yogurt smears all over the breakfast nook windows and spilled water cups all over the floor seem worth it.   Almost.  


Speaking of family bounding and brotherly love the other weekend was the annual Maggie's Place Run.  Maggie's Place is a pregnancy crisis center that we support here in town.  The big guys do the 10K race while my friend and I walk the 5K with the littles. 

I forgot my camera.... but I did catch a few iphone pics. 


After the races the little ones participate in a "Maggie's Place Kids Dash" that they take adorably seriously.  

Ok, maybe it's just Sienna who takes it so seriously.  I mean, look at that action shot.  I feel the determination pumping through her veins.  The finish line is still about 200 meters away....  Lord, I am sorry I passed along my competitive nature to this poor child of Yours.  Please help her use it for good in this world! 

Jonah tried his best and all, but I'm pretty sure his motivation was more related to the ice cream at the finish line.  

Meanwhile, Bash did NOT run, but nevertheless did take hydrating himself very seriously with enough water to fill a dam (and also 3 diapers in 2 hours). 

Lord, I am sorry I dressed my child in orthodic looking velcro reebok shoes that did him no favors in life.  Please use the humility I imposed on him for good in this world! 

Thanks for always hosting Jen!


  1. I love that your nights are protected by TWO superheroes. That must make you feel incredibly safe.

    1. Hehehe love this! And yes, I always feel very safe with all these superhero boys of mine!