Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Straight Talk With Sienna Vol 3

Watching the boys run all around the house in their super hero capes after a bath...
Sienna:  "Can I have ear drops?"
Me:  "You don't seem sick, you don't need drops. I don't think you have an ear ache, Sweetie."
Sienna:  "Yes, I do!  They boys keep screaming so loud it's givin' me an ear infection."

Watching Daddy cut his hair in our bathroom...
Sienna:  "Daddy has a little gray hair, but you can't see it when he cuts it short. But you can see your freckles anytime."

Trying to console me after her previous comment...
Sienna:  "I know another difference between you and daddy!  Your legs are fluffy and his are muscly"

Holding the little parakeets at the aquarium...
Sienna:  "Oh no Mom!  The birdie is looking for my milkoos!" 

Running late to school in the morning we get stuck behind the most clueless driver in the world who isn't turning on the left arrow...
Me:  "Come on... please!!  Go!!  It's green!"
Sienna:  "Geez Mom, people should hornk their horns at her!"


In the car on the way home from school...
Sienna:  "Mom!  Did you know the devil is very mean and evil!!  He is happy when we do bad things, because he wants God to be sad."
Me:  "That's right, he's horrible. I hope I never have to meet him."
Sienna:  "What does he look like?!  Do you have picture of him?!" 
Me:  "No, I don't want any pictures of him!  He's too terrible." 
Sienna:  "I know!  We check on Facebook for some!" 

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