Monday, August 12, 2013

No Mom, I'll take the bus

On his very first day of preschool ever, my not-as-little-as-I-want-him-to-stay-forever Jonah chose to take that big yellow school bus all by himself  instead of riding there with me.

I'm pretty sure I stopped breathing for the entire morning.  Did you read that carefully?   My second baby just spread his stubborn, wildly passionate, yet unexpectedly sensitive and loving little wings and fled my nest to his first day of preschool?!  On the baby bus!!

Don't worry, I still don't cry in public or anything.  Although, in case anyone has hacked into our nanny cams I should disclaim that there must have been... uh... dust... or something in the air because my eyes were watering as I walked back inside.   Like I could possibly be mistaken for one of those cheesy moms who would actually ask to climb onto the bus to take one last picture of her first timer and then awkwardly wept like the tiny baby she still thinks her son is as she waved goodbye.  That wasn't me. I was just logically and non-emotionally observing his surroundings one last time before they drove off.  For safety reasons.

This little extremely big boy is so much like his daddy it's really pathetic that I still get surprised by his reactions to life.  We've been talking about his first day of school since we met his teacher last week.

Me:  "Are you excited for school tomorrow Big Jonah?"
Jonah:  "School is not tomorrow."
Me:  "What do you want to do on your first day?"
Me:  "Do you remember your teacher's name?"
Jonah:  "No. Can I go play with my toys again now?"

Then the day of arrives and I rush downstairs to pump him up!
Me:  "Happy first day of school!!  What should we wear to school?!  What special snack do you want to pack?!   Should we make special blueberry pancakes before your bus gets here?!"
Jonah:  "No."
Jonah:  "Wait, yes, I want boobery pancakes"
Me:  Goofy mommy dancing around the kitchen  "You got it!"

After typing this exchange, I realize you may side with Jonah's responses... I admit I was a little over the top.  Perhaps annoying.   However, the person in this family who most recently had a first day of preschool would have hoped and dreamed for nothing less.   I too as a wee preschooler would've gleed in delight to all of the above questions again and again and again.

Alas, Jonah comes from Daddy's tree.  Do not ask Daddy or Jonah if they are ever excited about anything.  Point taken.

But he WAS excited.   Oh was he ever!

As soon as he finished his boobery pancakes, was finally dressed and ready to go he couldn't hold in his joy a moment longer.  As soon as I said it was time to go outside and wait for the bus he was literally dancing in the driveway.

"Dance away from the street Jonah so the bus won't get you when it comes."

"I am not dancing Mom."

"I am flying."

Jonah kept "flying" around for what felt like a trip around the world...  This secretly excited almost preschooler was getting pretty heated waiting around:  

Jonah: "Are you kidding me?  Oh man.  When is HE gonna be here!" 
Me:  "He'll be here.  Maybe he's a little lost.  Can I take some more pictures while we wait?"
Jonah:  "NO.  He is not yost.  He is yate.  Take a picture of my ang-gey eyes"

Oh no he didn't just pack those angry eyes!  I decided we better go inside and grab my phone just in case they weren't coming....  Just as we walked through the door we heard one of the most glorious sounds to every 3 year old boy...


But then kept right on going.   Past our house.  Past the only preschooler in this entire neighborhood who happened to be jumping up and down on our drive way. 

So I in my pjs, with snotty Bash in my arm, 
ran after the bus frantically waving, 
like I belong on a farm.

Yes, I am aware that little diddy just made it worse.  

But we did catch him.  And it was a good thing, because he was yost, which is why he was yate.   Jonah was so excited he didn't even kiss us goodbye.  Up he climbed and off he went.  Just like a seasoned bus riding pro he's always wanted to be.   

"The bus" makes it sound worse than it really is.... but if I were to accurately describe it as a "short bus," well that too also sounds worse than it is!    It's a short  small bus specifically for preschoolers with 5 point harness seat belts and an aide that rides along to help all the little ones on and off the door to door service.  But still.  It's the bus.  

Happy first day of preschool, My Love.  

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