Thursday, January 16, 2014

Wheelin' n dealin'

I started this post in November when I thought we were living life in the fast lane, which really only turned out to be the carpool lane during rush hour traffic.  These past two months, now these months were the indie 500.

And I do believe that it was during the heat of this two month ride that Jonah's personality grew a thousand times a thousand growths.  He has always been his very own person. Never susceptible to pressure or persuasion to be anything or anyone different.  Steadfast in his likes and dislikes.  Most certainly not open to suggestion otherwise from his fashion eye, to his completely unexpectedly healthy meal selections, to the way he views the workings of the world around him. 

A few lines from the month Jonah thought he was, in fact, a real vehicle:

Jonah-  Where are we taking our van?
Me-  We're dropping it off at the mechanic to get looked at.
Jonah-  Oh is that a doctor for our van?!
Me-  Yes, it kinda is.
Jonah-  Oooooh, I think I should probably go too.
Me- You need a little tune up, Buddy?
Jonah-  Yeah, I'm feeling rusty.

Jonah- I can't be really quiet today.  I have a super loud engine!

Jonah- I can't ride (my bike) anymore, I don't have a full tank of water in my belly.

Jonah- Mom! I said its a green light! That means you can't stop swinging me!

Jonah-  Good morning to you Mom!  Today I'm feeling like I'm gonna be a blue bus. 

Jonah-  (Crying) Mom, you didn't say what number bus I am today. Do NOT say 4!  I am not 4 today. 

Jonah- I'm driving angry today.

Jonah-  Mom, does Sam have a baby engine? 

And just for fun....

"Jonah, what is it going to take for you to listen to Daddy the first time I ask you to do something? -Daddy
"Uuum, maybe for Jesus's birthday, but maybe not." - Jonah 

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